Understanding the Device Map

Mylio’s Device Map is a simple but powerful panel that allows you to see the status of all of your devices in a single window.

Although a simple view, the Device Map contains a lot of information and options…

Locating the Device Map

  • Open the Navigation Panel
  • The Device Map is located within the Navigation Panel, by your library’s media count

Device Information and Status

  • Device Name – The name of your device. This can be altered in that device’s settings.
  • Device Type – Represented by the icon for the device. Mylio will display your device as a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or phone.
  • How many medias need synced – Mylio alerts you that a device needs to sync new media with a badge on the device’s icon. A red badge shows how many originals needs to sync, a grey badge shows how many thumbnails or previews need to sync.
  • Connection Status – Your device’s connection status can be found below the device. Connection statuses have three states…
    • If a device is available for Mylio to communicate with and has media to sync, Mylio will read “Syncing” under the device’s name.
    • If a device is available for Mylio to communicate with but has no new media to sync, Mylio will read “In Sync”.
    • If a device is unavailable for Mylio to communicate with, it will read “Unavailable”.

Improve Protection

If you are looking to improve your protection status or add additional devices to your Mylio account, you can easily do so from the Device Map by selecting ‘Add More Devices’ at the top. Additional information on this option can be found here.

Extended Device Information

Additional information about your devices can be found by selecting the device itself in the device map. When selected, Mylio will display further details about your device…

  • Device Name – The name of your device
  • Mylio Version – The version of Mylio that is running on that device. It is always recommended to keep your devices up to date, especially if you encounter syncing issues.
  • Show Media Waiting to Sync – Displays which media is currently out of sync for the selected device.
  • Happiness Status – If your device is fully synced, Mylio will alert you that the selected device is happy and does not require further syncing.
  • Device SettingsAdjust the device settings for the selected device.

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