The Details Panel

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Complete control over your photos can be found within Mylio’s Details panel. The Details panel allows you to fine-tune your images, view their data, and set up Mylio to sync your photos correctly between your devices.

The Details panel can be opened or closed by selecting the square icon at the bottom right of the center panel.

Mylio Desktop Right Hand Panel Toggle

Mylio Desktop Right Hand Panel

– Displays information about the current selection. With a photo selected, Mylio will display the metadata for that image and tell you vital information like what camera it was shot with, when it was shot, and any keywords that may have been added.

People – Tagging friends and family is easy when using the People panel within the Details panel. Just select the name of a person, or add a new person, and Mylio will take care of the rest.

Map – Map information is automatically gathered from your photos’ metadata if it has it. Otherwise, you can drag and drop your image on the map to add location data here.

Edit – Your photos are beautiful – but sometimes you may need to add a little more beauty to really do a shot justice. Editing a photo is easy in Mylio’s Edit panel. You can use Mylio’s auto-editing feature or adjust the details here.

Sync – Full control of your photos and devices are found in the Sync panel. The Sync panel is used to tell Mylio what quality of the photo is going to what device.

Media Count – The total number of photos in your library. This number tells you what information the sync panel is referring to. If you have a folder or photo selected, the sync panel will be displaying sync information for that specific selection.

Devices – All of the devices on your account, or your online devices, will be listed here.

Activity – Any activity that Mylio is currently performing, including syncing, adding files, and deleting files can all be referenced here. Most activity will even tell you how long it will take to complete.

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