Customizing Event View

Mylio’s Event view allows for extensive customization to ensure that you enjoy using and navigating your events. Most customization is done from the View menu at the top right of the center panel.

View Menu Options

  1. Sort by Date – Sort events by date. This uses the earliest photo as the sort date for the event.
  2. Sort by Name – Sorts events alphabetically. Sorts by event’s title.
  3. Sort Ascending – Sorts photos with the oldest event first when on “Date” and A-Z when on “Name”.
  4. Sort Descending – Sorts photos with the newest event first when on “Date” and Z-A when on “Name”
  5. Layout Square – Events are represented by squares, much like albums and folders. Events scroll vertically.
  6. Layout Tall – Events are tall and scroll horizontally, like a timeline.
  7. Show all photos – Shows all photos that are part of an event.
  8. Show Events In Category Groups – Groups events by which category they are classified as. Mylio will show you a list of your categories (Family, Friends, Fun, Holidays, etc) and each of these categories are openable to see the relevant Events inside.

Additionally, the size of your events can be adjusted with the slider at the bottom of the center panel, or by pinching two fingers together or apart on touchscreen devices.


Changing Event Cover Photos

By default, the first photo in an event will be the cover photo (the photo seen from Events view that represents the event). This can be changed for each event.

  1. Open the event you wish to change the cover photo for.
  2. Locate the photo you wish to be the cover for that event.
  3. Right-click on the photo on a computer, or select the photo by tapping and holding on it until it is outlined in blue and tap the Actions menu on touchscreen devices.
  4. Select Set Cover > Event.
  5. Mylio will ask which event you wish to set the cover for. Select it and then select Set.
      Note:   you can set the cover of an event to a photo that is not part of the event by following steps 2-5 for any photo.