Customizing Calendar View

Customizing your calendar is an important step in ensuring that all of your photos are easily locatable. Mylio offers extensive customization of the calendar from a variety of menus.

View Menu Customization

Mylio’s View menu gives you overall calendar customizations.

  1. Sort Ascending – Sorts your photos with the newest date at the bottom.
  2. Sort Descending – Sorts your photos with the newest date at the top.
  3. Start Slideshow – Starts a slideshow with the photos currently being viewed.

Show Events Customization

The Show Events button allows for extensive customization of your Life Calendar. Selecting the Show Events button initially launches your Calendar settings, which offers the following customizations:

  1. Event Covers Off – Display the images for that date or date range even if cover art has been set for an event that happens on that date.
  2. Event Covers On – If the cover for an event is set, display it as the cover art in place of multiple images for that date.
  3. Event Covers Auto – Mylio will decide when event cover or other images should be displayed based off of image rating and other image data.
  4. Event Bars Off – Do not display the event bars in Calendar view. Event bars are still viewable from the Info panel.
  5. Event Bars Split – Split the date so that a maximum of half of the image is covered with event bars. Other event bars will be designated with a number at the bottom of the split. Priority of displays bars is based on category priority.
  6. Event Bars Fill – Allow the image to be fully filled with event bars.
  7. Categories to Show – Turn off or disable specific event bars from being shown in Calendar view.
  8. Include Private Folders – Include folders marked as Private in Calendar view.

Additional Calendar settings can be found within the icon at the top right of the initial Calendar Settings window:

  1. The number of event bars to display – When using Event Bars > Split, this allows you to set how many event bars should Mylio display.
  2. Hide Events Longer Than (Decade, Year, Month) – Set the maximum length of an event until it is no longer displayed in each view.
  3. Sub Events – Only show sub-events (events within other events) when in Month view.

Additional Customizations

The overall size of your dates in Calendar view can also be adjusted by using the slider at the bottom of the center panel. Moving this to the right will increase each dates size, moving it to the left will decrease the size. This can be done on touchscreen devices by pinching with two fingers within the center panel.

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