The Crop Tool

The Crop Tool allows you to not only cut your image to a desired size while remove unwanted aspect of the photo.

  1. Select an image and open the Edit panel.
  2. Select the crop tool icon at the top of the Edit panel.
    Mylio Desktop Edit Crop
  3. In your preview panel, the will now be a box with small grey boxes around the outside, one on each side and one in each corner.
  4. To crop, drag any of the eight bars toward the direction you want to crop the photo.
  5. If you wish to crop to a certain size, select “Free” in the center panel. This provides you with several options. You can either manually set your crop height and width, or you can use one of Mylio’s height and width presets of 2X3, 5X7, 8X10, 16X9, or a perfect square. You can also crop to the original dimensions of the photos.
  6. Once you are done adjusting the crop box to your desired specifications, hit enter or select ‘Done’  in the center panel.
    Mylio Desktop Edit Crop Tool

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