Creating Notes in Mylio

In some instances, you may wish to create a text file within Mylio. This may be useful to take quick notes or record information that then syncs between your devices. Mylio can create .txt files that then sync your note between devices – even as just thumbnails and previews. Here is how…

  1. Locate and open the folder you wish to create a new note in. Please note that notes can only be created when viewing inside of a child-most folder. You cannot create folders inside parent folders.
  2. Deselect all media in this folder. If information is selected this can easily be done from within the Action Menu.
  3. Once all media has been deselected, select the Action Menu.
  4. Select ‘New Note’.
  5. Mylio will open a blank .txt file for you to edit.
  6. Once completed, select the “X” in the top left of the editor to close it. Please note that notes are saved when the “X” at the top left of the editor is selected.


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