Troubleshooting: What is Cache and How Do I Clear It?

Mylio’s cache is designed as a temporary holding area in case photo Sync Policies are adjusted accidentally, or photos are temporarily stored on that device to be moved elsewhere.

Photos that are cached are designated with a green squiggly line within the Sync panel. This shows that a device has a photo but does not want it. The Sync Panel can be turned on from Mylio’s Advanced Settings.


Sometimes, Mylio’s cache is automatically populated, like in these circumstances:

  1. Sync on Demand has synced a higher resolution photo to this device temporarily.
  2. You have downgraded your Sync Policy for a device or for a specific photo or folder.

When your device becomes full, Mylio references your Minimum free space allotment to know when to send items in your cache to your computer’s trash can. By default, Mylio will choose to preserve between 1 and 10GB of space depending on your drive size. This number can be adjusted.

Your cache can be emptied at any time from within Mylio:

  1. Open the Dashboard.
  2. Select the device you wish to clear the cache on from the Dashboard’s Devices panel.
      Note:  you cannot empty the cache of a different device, only the device you are currently using.
  3. Select Clear Cache in the Device Settings window.
  4. Mylio will alert you to what items will be cleared.
  5. Once cleared, your cache will be sent to the operating system’s trash can / recycle bin as a safety measure.

If an original image is only stored on the device that you are clearing the cache of, the original image will not be removed. The original image must be stored on more than one device in order for it to be cleared from the cache.

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