Understanding Auto-Advance

Mylio’s auto-advance features allow for a quick and easy way to tag any let of photos – no matter the size. Auto-advance waits for you to rate, flag, tag, or face-recognize an image before automatically showing you the next image.

Mylio’s auto-advance feature can be toggled via the ratings bar at the bottom of Mylio’s center panel. Once on, Mylio will wait for you to utilize the rating, label, or flag command before displaying the next image.

Customizing Auto-Advance

In some cases, you may way to customize what Mylio’s Auto-Advance feature looks for when choosing to progress to the next photo. You can customize Auto-Advance from within Mylio’s Appearance settings. Here you can set Mylio to auto-advance if…

  • Auto-Advance in all views when rating, label, or flag is used.
  • People Tagging – Allow for face-tagging to cause an auto-advance once all people have been tagged.
    • This can be turned OFF, to only happen in PEOPLE view, or to happen in all views.

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