Mylio Premium

Try Mylio for free. Upgrade to Premium when you're ready.

Do you have a lot of photos that you really care about?
Then Mylio Premium might be a good fit for you.

Mylio Premium offers

Unlimited photos, videos, and documents
Unlimited devices
Access to all advanced features

$9.99/month — or — $99.99/year

Mylio Free

5,000 Photos

3 Devices

We want everyone to fall in love with Mylio, so we offer a great Free plan.

Get up to 5,000 of your photos and videos synced across up to three devices: phones, tablets, and/or computers. Our Free plan never expires, and works great for smaller collections.

When to upgrade?

The app will notify you as you reach a limit and it’s quick and easy to upgrade.
I recommend Mylio for three reasons: volume, speed, and support.
— Daniel J. Cox, renowned nature photographer & cofounder, Natural Exposures

With Mylio Premium, you can relax and feel great

that all your photos — an unlimited number of them — are safely gathered together in one beautifully organized home. Your lifetime of memories lives on your own devices, stored locally and privately without depending on the internet or the cloud.

And that’s just the beginning: The fun starts as you play with our amazingly fast and smart features to organize, edit, and manage your Mylio library.

Who is Mylio Premium for?

Mylio Premium is for people who have lots of photos and really care about them. It’s the ideal solution for:

  • Over 5,000 photos
  • More than 5 devices
  • Cross-platform: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Enthusiasts: birders, divers & more
  • Family historians & documentarians
  • Travelers
  • Solopreneurs & small businesses
  • Families

Today, we are taking more photos than ever. A Mylio Premium subscription unlocks unlimited photos, devices, and features. And there’s no need to worry about keeping track, we’ll let you know when it’s time to upgrade.

Mylio’s unlimited Premium plan grows with you, whether your goal is to curate and preserve your family’s important milestones and history, or to keep track of a lifetime of global adventures and bucket-list moments. Add as many devices, photos, videos, and documents as you like. Plus, Premium subscribers get exclusive access to a growing toolkit of features including advanced editing and organization.

For small businesses, Mylio provides a reliable, fast, and private digital asset management (DAM) system — one that allows dispersed teams to collaborate seamlessly and save valuable time. Read how Hausenware uses Mylio.

Mylio Premium means never losing a photo again.

Unlimited image files means never again having to delete photos off your phone to make space for more. And no more notifications that it’s time to upgrade your cloud storage subscription plan. In fact, Mylio has Premium users with more than 1 million photos and counting … with no limit in sight.

If you do choose to backup your photos to the cloud, it’s important to first and foremost store them on your own devices. That way, you always maintain control of your full-quality files. The cloud can crash (albeit rarely) and giants like Google Photos allegedly mine your photos for information advertisers use to target you with ads. Learn about the pros and cons of using Google Photos.

Lastly, Mylio guides our users to use 3-2-1 backup, as recommended by US-CERT, which includes securely storing your photos on local storage devices like external drives.

It’s easy to find the photo you want FAST with Mylio.

No more endless scrolling through your phone feed trying to find a specific photo to show during a conversation. With or without an internet connection, Mylio’s smart search features gives you the ability to find photos fast, automatically. Great for when you make a chance connection with the person sitting next to you on the plane: Yes, you can share your portfolio without WiFi.

All your images are (finally) consolidated in one library.

With Mylio Premium, you can bring in all your photos (digital, RAW, and scanned prints or slides), videos, and documents. There is plenty of space and no need to worry about ever hitting a limit.

Create a photo legacy you can share with your family — without limits.

As you build and protect the visual story of your life in Mylio, it’s easy to bring your whole family’s stories to life. Even better, you can share those stories with loved ones.

An unlimited Premium account is a great excuse to finally scan your family’s old prints and slides — or send yours to a scanning service. Turn those fragile assets into digital files, then add them to your Mylio library to protect and preserve them for generations to come. Learn how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch to Premium?

Premium lets you maximize your photo library with unlimited photos, unlimited devices, and all advanced features. With unlimited photos, your library can grow to include the entire visual story of your life. With unlimited devices, you can connect all your computers, mobile devices, and storage devices to the same account. To switch to Premium, sign in to your account on the accounts page, select Upgrade, and choose Premium.

How much is Premium?

Mylio’s Premium plan is $9.99/month or $99.99/year. With Premium, you get unlimited photos, unlimited devices, and access all of Mylio's advanced features.

What if I stop Premium?

Because your photos are stored on your own devices, you will always have access to everything you import into Mylio. If you ever decide to stop Premium, your account will revert to Free. You will still have access to all your previously imported photos. If you have more than 5,000 photos in your library, Mylio will stop not allow new photos to be added until you bring the total number of files in your library under the 5,000 limit. You will also only be allowed to add and sync with new viewing devices (computers, phones, and tablets) if you are under the three device limit.

What are my other options besides Premium?

Mylio has teamed up with Seagate so you can store and organize more photos for less. When you buy and register an eligible Seagate One Touch or Photo Drive, you can redeem an offer to access Mylio Create. This complimentary plan allows you to add up to 25,000 photos and four devices, with access to all of Mylio’s advanced features for one year or more. (See offer for details.) You can renew Mylio Create for $49.99/year when your complimentary period ends. Or you can upgrade to Premium at any time if you want to remove the photo and device limits.

You can also start a 14-day Premium Trial (one trial period per account) to experience Premium with no photo and device limits and all advanced features. To start your trial, sign in to your account on the Accounts page, select Upgrade, then select Trial.

What happens when I want to restart my Premium account?

You can easily restart your Premium account by signing into the accounts page. Select Upgrade and choose Premium. You will once again be able to add unlimited photos, unlimited devices, and access to all of Mylio's advanced features.

What if I have more than 5,000 photos when I downgrade from Premium to Free?

You will still have complete access to all of those photos when you stop Premium. You will not be able to add any more photos to Mylio, though.

How can I get my photos back if I let my Premium account expire?

You will not need to get any photos back. Your photos will still all be in Mylio, and they will also be in your file system in the Mylio Pictures folder.

Do I lose any of my edits, rating, or tagging if I downgrade from Premium to Free?

All of the organization you do in Mylio remains, even if you change plans. Your edits, rating, and tagging (as well as folders, albums, categories, and any other organizational work you’ve done) will remain part of your Mylio library.

If I had more than three computers with Premium, can I choose which three computers should be used with Free?

Yes, you can choose. If you have more than three computers on your account when it reverts to Free, you will need to remove computers from your account until you have at most three in order for them to sync. To remove computers from your account, open Mylio on one of the computers you intend to keep. Then open the Dashboard in the top right corner of the Mylio interface. In the Devices column, select a device you want to remove from your account. Click on the image of the device, and in the Device Settings panel, click the Unregister Device button. Repeat these steps until you have at most three computers on your account.

If my photo library is split between the cloud and local storage, does a downgrade to Free affect my library?

When you downgrade to a Free account, you will still have access to all the photos that are already in your Mylio library, including those in the cloud. If you have more than 5,000 photos, Mylio will stop importing new photos. If you have more than three computers, you will need to remove computers until you have at most three; once you do, your library will continue to sync as usual.