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I photograph a lot.

I mean, a lot a lot.

Certainly, I shoot frequently for work. But I also shoot a lot outside of work, trying to find that balance between living life and documenting it as I go. And that’s never truer than when we travel. Every summer, my family and I leave for about two months and travel somewhere. Here’s my earlier post about traveling around the world with my family.

A look at my travel photos as we were sorting them in Mylio.

When we get back from our trips, we make a photo album book of the experience. Our kids LOVE these books. With the pace of life recently, though, we were two years behind and needed to create books from the past two summers. So my husband and I buckled down to catch up – this time, though, with one key difference. This time we used Mylio to sort through all our photographs. And, holy cow — it was so much easier, faster and more fun!

Lush Album CollectionsHere’s what we did … Using Mylio, we dropped all of my husband’s images in, and then I brought in all my photographs that I’d saved from my Nikon D800 (the only camera I brought with me on that trip). Then I pulled in all the extra shots from my iPhone. We copied everything into one folder named for our 2013 trip to California, Bali and Singapore. Then the fun part – we sat together and picked our favorite images from the thousands we’d shot, as we scrolled through them in one place, already automatically sorted by date.

As we came across the shots we loved, I made any tweaks I wanted to see right there in Mylio’s editing panel. If I wanted to do more work on an image, I could pop it open in Photoshop or Lightroom but mostly, I just made small adjustments to exposure right inside of Mylio. After that, I moved our top picks into the Mylio Lightbox. As we sorted through our photos, we also watched a number of very goofy videos from our trip (that our kids made us play over and over again). The videos obviously don’t go into the printed photo album, but they’ll go into designated Mylio albums I’ve created for videos, and it’s such a relief to have them categorized and backed up.

More photos from our family travels, quickly sorted in Mylio.

Lastly, we moved all our images from Mylio’s Lightbox into a specific trip album we’d created – and exported that album directly from Mylio. Then I imported those photos into Lush Albums, and now I’ll have a beautiful photo album book completely done and in my hands in two weeks. We can’t wait!

So I have the job done, but actually that’s not all I have, because Mylio continues to do more behind the scenes. It will back up all these sorted images to all the devices I’ve designated (two separate hard drives), so I know they are safe and sound for years to come. In addition, the album we created is automatically synced to my iPhone and iPad, so I can show it off anywhere, anytime.

I love that with Mylio, the act of sharing photos is not only easier but, more importantly, a whole heck of a lot more fun!


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