5 Ways To Reclaim All That Wasted Travel Time: Getting Started with Mylio Offline

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You know it, you dread it: the Travel Day. Even when everything goes according to schedule, it’s a day you pretty much write off as lost time. But since Mylio works offline, even the most jaded Road Warrior can be productive – even creative – during those idle hours.

Here’s how:

  1. Getting Started with Mylio Offline
  2. Sort Your Files for a Fast Cleanup
  3. Add Dates and Build Your Life Calendar
  4. Create Picture Perfect Photos with Editing Tools
  5. Sync Your Devices to Protect Your Images

1. Getting Started with Mylio Offline

First: Pick Your Device

Mylio works on a bunch of different devices, so first you’ll want to find the balance of portability and screen size that works for you. Tablets tend to work well for travel (especially if you’re unlucky enough to meet up with a knee defender), though the photographers’ maxim — the best camera is the one you have with you — applies to Mylio-powered devices as well. Any of the dozens of supported Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android devices will work for any task you have.

Offline in your seat on the plane

Then: Choose Your Own Adventure

Mylio is loaded with features, nearly all of which work offline, so what comes next — from fine-tuning portrait pixels, to editing down hundreds of shots — is up to you. Here are some ideas to take back your time spent in limbo:

Rate Stuff. 

You’ve just shot a ton of pictures at an event, and need to separate the wheat from the chaff. How? Open the ratings bar by clicking the small star icon at the bottom left of the center panel. You’ll see three options – stars, colors, and flags – which can be used on their own, or a combination of all three.

Mylio library screen grab

Stars are great for rating things, colors are a good way to classify, and the flag can remind you to come back to something later. In this case, we’ve rated the selected shot as five stars and green (a keeper!), with a flag to remind us to print it later on. The shots marked with a red dot are ready to be deleted:

Mylio library screen grab

You can delete something so that it’s removed from all your devices, or just from the device you’re using. So go ahead, clean house. Once you’re back on a WiFi network, you can sync your devices, and your work will carry across to them. Simple.

A bonus: any images you’ve rated four or five stars will automatically have the resolution of their thumbnail previews upgraded, so you can work on them in more detail later.

Next up:
2. Sort Your Files for Fast Cleanup

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