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Mylio is designed to make your photo workflow more efficient.

Workflow Benefit Summary

1 . Import

  • Import to any device
  • Auto-import from phones and tablets
  • Source folders mirror your file system
  • Import keeps all metadata
  • You can import your current file system to maintain your organization

2 . Sync

  • Mylio syncs your library on your devices
  • Mylio is device agnostic (works on all device types): Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Can sync without internet, using local network
  • Set Sync Policies so originals are automatically stored on the devices you want

3 . Catalogue

  • Mylio users regularly have libraries of 1,000,000 photos
  • Set up Source folders when you want Mylio to reflect your file system
  • Mylio automatically organizes your photos using the metadata and any organization rules you set

4 . Manage

  • You have control over every aspect of your photo management
  • No blackbox/proprietary
  • You can manage all metadata and sort by metadata
  • Multiple organizational views: Calendar, Map, People, Albums, Folders
  • Edit, rate, caption, label, keyword, facetag, and categorize to add custom organization

5 . Protect

  • Mylio protects your originals to your drive automatically.
  • Eliminates the need for complex backup schedules
  • You can choose to store Thumbnails, Previews, or Originals on different devices to save space

6 . Find

  • A photo search of over 1M images takes less than .7 seconds
  • Use any view (Calendar, Map, People, Albums, Folders) to find photos
  • Use Search to locate photos
  • Use Filter for even more precision