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Now that you have consolidated and protected your photo memories, it's time to preserve them. Preservation means they are organized in a way that’s easy to find, share, and pass on to the next generation.


With your photos in Mylio, you have already taken the first step towards preservation: digitizing. Digital photos are much easier to manage than physical ones for a number of reasons. They will not deteriorate due to the passage of time, the rodent problem in the attic, the water problem in the basement, or the dust mites under the bed. They are also easy to access whenever you want, without the fear of rips, tears, fading, or fingerprints. And perhaps best of all, you can organize and label them much more efficiently than physical photos.

Mylio makes it easy to add longevity to your images by giving you the option to preserve all the precious information that goes with your collection.

Preservation 101: People

Start with the people in your photos. Mylio makes it easy to tag people quickly. Just tag someone once, and Mylio will find all the other photos of that person for you. All you have to do is go to the People view and confirm the faces. You can even do this in batches by pressing Shift+Click for all the photos that are correctly facetagged, then pressing the check mark. On top of that, Mylio makes personalized albums for the people you tag, so you can riffle through all the photos of Aunt Edna or Grandpa Pete with ease.


Preservation Part 2: It’s a Date!

After you know who’s in a photo, it’s also helpful to know when that photo was taken. Mylio uses the metadata from digital cameras and smartphones to automatically organize photos chronologically. For an older photo that doesn’t already have a date, you can easily add it. Open the Details panel ( ) on right, and click the Info tab. There you can click on the date to adjust it. If you don’t know the exact date, you can set a date range by clicking the date range tab and filling in the likely start and end dates. Mylio will automatically organize all your photos chronologically on your Life Calendar, which you can peruse by day, month, year, and decade.


Preservation Part 3: Location, Location, Location

“Where was that photo taken?” is a common refrain when looking back over old photos. Thankfully, Mylio has you covered here as well. Mylio automatically plots your photos on a world map based on the GPS data that many modern devices record. Photos are clustered by pins, and the map is a great way to view photos from your favorite places. If a photo is not already marked on the map, you can place it there individually or in batches. Select any photo(s) you want to map and open the Details panel (). In the Info tab, scroll down until you get to Places. Then either scroll on the map or type in the name of the place you’re looking for. Drag the photo(s) to that spot on the map, and click the green check mark to confirm. Doing this in batches is a great way to see all the places you’ve been.


Another helpful way to preserve photos is to add keywords so they’re easy to find later. With Mylio, those keywords become part of the image metadata and can be used in searches and filters. For example, simply Shift+Click the images below and add the keywords, “Soccer, Spring, Kids,” to the batch of photos. When using more than one keyword, separate them with commas. Remember, you can add individual keywords to each photo as well, without losing the shared keywords.


If you want to link photos with keywords, but they’re not already categorized together in any other way, just drag and drop each image to the bottom of Mylio, where they’ll hook into Mylio's clipboard. Once all the images you want are in the clipboard, it’s easy to select them all at once and add a shared keyword or two.


Stars, and Labels, and Categories, Oh My!

Yet another way to add order to your photo library is to add stars, labels, categories, or some combination. This is a great way to manage photos so that they are easy to sort later, and with hotkeys, it’s very quick to do. Stars let you rate photos from 1-5 stars using the keyboard shortcut numbers 1 through 5. You can also label photos with the colors red, orange, green, blue, and purple, which are the keyboard shortcuts 6-0 respectively. And Categories let you add category themes like Family, Travel, Holidays, or any custom category you want to create. All of this can be done in batches, and it makes finding photos with the filter so much faster later. Add these in the Details panel by clicking the Rating and Tagging icon ( ).

Albums: Have It Your Way

Another way to powerfully preserve photos in unique groupings is to create Albums. While every image must be in a folder, albums allow you to have a secondary organization. Adding a photo to an album does not duplicate the image, but simply makes a reference to the image in its folder. A single photo could be in multiple albums, or none at all. Albums also let you put photos in whatever order you want, with sub-albums for further organization.


Mylio Through the Ages

In conclusion, Mylio is a powerful way to preserve your photos. And it doesn’t rely on one system of organization. Rather, it offers several and lets you organize in a way that makes sense to you. And when you’re ready to pass on your legacy to the next generation, they’ll have all the information at their fingertips and can keep adding to it.