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Engineered for Travel

Mylio is made for travelers. It allows you to organize, manage, and protect all your photos on the road from the convenience of your mobile device. It also connects all your devices directly over a local network, even if there is no internet access. Here’s how to set it up for each device type: Sync Anywhere.

Make Use of the Slack Time

Mylio lets you make use of the slack time when you’re traveling, those small pockets of time when you’re waiting for the next adventure. These little windows are too brief to pull out a laptop, and sometimes there’s not a convenient surface. But with Mylio you can manage all your photos on your phone or tablet, and those changes automatically sync across your entire library. You can rate in a rickshaw, label in the lobby, and tag on the train while those shots are still fresh in your mind.

Have a Plan

As you’re preparing for a trip, here are a few recommendations for making the most of Mylio:

  1. External Hard Drive - Bring an external hard drive to store your travel photos. New Seagate drives come with complimentary Mylio Create.
  2. Create a Calendar Event - By creating a calendar event that spans the duration of your trip, Mylio will organize all the pictures you take into that event.
  3. Link Your Calendar: If you have planned out your itinerary, add the digital calendar to Mylio. Mylio will then automatically create events so you don’t have to add each one individually. Mylio can import events from Outlook, Gmail, and iCloud.

    1. Open Mylio and select settings from the View Menu.
    2. Select Linked Calendars.
    3. Select one of the available calendars.
  4. Work in Batches - While the photos are fresh in your mind, take a few moments to work on them in batches; that way, when you come back to them later, you’ll know which ones to focus on. Select all the photos (Shift+Click on Mac and Cntrl+Click on Windows) you want, and apply the same information to all of them.
  5. Create an Away Folder - Create an Away Folder to efficiently catalogue the photos you take on a trip for easy-organizing later. Read this piece by photographer JC Figuera to learn how to get set up.

Seize the Moment

Sometimes moments just spontaneously happen, and you can capture them when you’ve got a camera. Mylio helps you organize those moments automatically using the metadata from your photos.

  1. Calendar view - Mylio automatically organizes your photos by date. Link your calendars (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud) to create events that will show up when you have photos associated with them.
  2. Map view - Mylio shows a pin where photos were taken using the GPS metadata associated with them. This is a great way to track and show off your visual journey to people you meet or friends and family back home.
  3. People view - This is an ideal way to keep track of the people you meet along the way. Tag someone’s face once, and Mylio will automatically create a custom album for that person in People View, and it will also help you tag them in all future photos.
  4. Albums - Albums allow you to organize your photos any way you want. While every image must be in a folder, albums allow you to have a secondary organization system. You can put a photo in multiple albums, create sub-albums, and put photos in the order you want within albums. To quickly transfer photos within Mylio, right-click and select “Add to Album…”