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Our memories work in different ways.

Our memories work in different ways. Sometimes you remember where something took place. Sometimes you remember when something happened. Other times you remember who was with you, or the name of the event, or (if you’re like me) how you were feeling in the moment. However your memory works, Mylio lets you organize your library in the ways that work for you. And if you share your library with your family, other family members can find photos their way, too.

Here’s an overview of Mylio’s organizational tools. Like any set of tools, you’ll find the ones that make sense for your projects and the way you work.

Calendar View: Organize by Date

Calendar view organizes photos into decade, year, month, and day.

  • Events: Open the Details panel () and select (+) to create a new event.
  • Link Calendar: Mylio can automatically create events from your digital calendars. Mylio can import events from Outlook, Gmail, and iCloud.
    1. Open Mylio and select Settings from the View Menu.
    2. Select Linked Calendars.
    3. Select one of the available calendars.
  • Date Ranges: If you don’t know exactly when a photo was taken, create a date range. With the photo selected, open the Details panel using the () on the right. Click on the date, then choose the middle tab titled Date Range. From there, select the start and end dates in the date range.

Map View: Organize by Location

Map view organizes photos geographically with pins based on where they were taken. Zoom in to see the precise location of each set of photos.

  • Searching for photos: Use the Find Location search bar at the top of the map to search for a specific location.
  • Add to map: To add photos to the map, select a photo or group of photos. Then open the Details panel and select the map. Navigate to the location you want with scroll/zoom or with the Find Location search bar. Then drag your photo(s) to that location.

People View: Organize by (you guessed it) People

People view organizes photos into custom albums by person.

  • Face Tagging: When viewing a single photo, click on the Face Tagging icon () in the Quick Actions bar to tag individual faces. Type that person’s name into the “Who is this?” form field.
  • Batch Tagging: After you have tagged someone once, Mylio automatically creates a unique album for that person in People view. Open that album to see all the recommended photos tagged with that person. To quickly confirm all the photos, use Shift+Click to select all the photos, and click one of the check marks to confirm.

Albums: Create Custom Organization

Albums allow you to organize your photos any way you want. While every image must be in a folder, albums allow you to have a secondary organization system. You can put a photo in multiple albums, create sub-albums, and put photos in the order you want within albums. To quickly transfer photos within Mylio, right click a photo/group of photos and choose “Add to Mylio Clipboard.” Your photos will be available at the bottom of the screen in any view.


Folders: Organize Your File System

Folders are one of the primary means of organization, and Mylio gives you complete control of them. There is no black box or proprietary system. Folders allow you to directly manage your file structure. Each Mylio Library starts with one folder: the Mylio Pictures folder. This folder holds all the images that are copied into Mylio if there are no source folders being used (more on source folders below). The Mylio Pictures folder will also hold your IOS Camera Roll(s) and Android Media Library photos.

To create new folders, navigate to the Folder view and select the plus sign in the Quick Actions Bar. Photos can now be dragged into this folder freely or by using the Mylio Clipboard. Subfolders can be created for further organization.


Keywords, Ratings, and Labels


Adding or editing keywords in Mylio helps keep photos organized and easily searchable. To add keywords, select the image you would like to apply keywords to. Open the Details panel and select the Info tab. Here you can add keywords as well as other photo information like titles, captions, and categories. To add or adjust keywords in bulk, select all of those photos you want to keyword with Shift+Click.


The Rating Bar has tools to further categorize your photos. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to apply ratings quickly.

  • Use the period key (.) to flag or unflag
  • Use the numbers 1-5 to give star ratings
  • Use the numbers 6-0 to give a label color
  • Use the arrows or use the auto-advance switch to move quickly between photos

After organizing, many people want to protect what they’ve done. The next article in this series will help you do just that.