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Estimated time: 5 minutes

Each of the views in Mylio allows you to search for photos based on time, geography, people, and your organizational systems.

Use the Search () and Filter () tools in Mylio to find photos efficiently.


The Search bar does a generic search of your entire library. All metadata and Mylio specific data will be searched. You can use search modifiers to pinpoint more specific information.

  1. Open the Search menu () in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Type in a search term or phrase.

Click the down arrow to access the icons in the Search menu.

The five icons at the top of the Search menu take you between Recent imports, Pinned searches, Rating searches, People searches, and Map searches. These are shortcuts that allow you to toggle between different search types.

The Keywords search field will search the keyword field of any photo. Select the disclosure triangle to the right of the keyword field to display a list of all keywords within your Mylio database.

Ratings allow you to narrow down your search by rating, label, or flag.

You can also select “Show All” to view all files organized by Images, Videos, and Documents.

For more information on Searching with modifiers and multiple search terms, see those sections in this Support Article.


Like search, filter allows you to quickly and easily find a specific photo or set of photos.

Mylio’s Filter bar can be opened by selecting the funnel icon () at the top left of Mylio.


It is important to remember that, unlike search, performing a filter will look for media inside of your current container. For example, if you perform a filter while in the “2018” folder, Mylio will only filter the results of the “2018” folder.

Once the Filter bar has been opened, you’ll be shown options for performing your filter. Selecting one of these filter types will then open options below related to that filter.

Filter Types

  • Time
    • Today – Photos with a creation date the same as today’s date.
    • Yesterday – Photos with a creation date of yesterday’s date.
    • Last Month – Photos with a creation date taken between the first and last day of last month.
    • Last Year – Photos with a creation date between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year.
  • Photos, Videos, Documents – Choose whether you are filtering for Photos, Videos, or Documents.
  • People – Mylio will display a list of all of the known people in your library. Choosing someone from this list will limit your filter to images that include that person.
  • Stars – Filter for images with a specific rating.
  • Labels – Filter for images with a specific label.
  • Flagged – Filter for images that have or do not have a flag.
  • Camera – Filter for images taken by different cameras.