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Folders are an important part of a good organization system, and Mylio gives you complete control of your folders. For those who have already developed a file system, Mylio allows you to import the entire thing so you don’t lose all the time you’ve invested. Mylio also makes it easy to start or add to your folder system, as well as providing additional organizational tools to streamline your workflow.

What is a folder?

A folder is the permanent container that stores your files.

Folders allow you to directly manage your files inside and outside of Mylio; you can find your folders and all their contents on your Mac using the Finder, or on a PC using the Windows Explorer. While other photo managers keep your photos in a black box or proprietary system, Mylio lets you manage your folders, subfolders, photos, and metadata completely. Folders have the following adjustable properties that you can use to organize your library:

  • Name
  • Cover
  • Sync Policy
  • Event
  • Categories

Mylio Pictures Folder

Each Mylio Library comes with one folder: the Mylio Pictures folder. This folder is designed to hold all of the images that are copied into Mylio if there is no other destination being used. For instance, photos you add using import will be copied into the Mylio Pictures folder. This is because Mylio is now referencing an original file exclusive to Mylio.

The Mylio Pictures folder will also hold photos taken with your mobile devices.

Mylio Pictures is where most photos will be stored if you are using Mylio as a standalone photo organization application.


Open Architecture

Mylio gives you control of your folders in two main ways:

  • If you have an existing folder structure, Mylio will respect and preserve that structure. You already know where your photos are, so Mylio keeps them there.
  • If you want to create a folder structure, Mylio has automated tools that make folder management efficient. You can create those folders yourself, or you can use your photos’ metadata to create folders that match the categories you select. For example, you can organize by year/month, by camera model, or by location.

Creating New Folders

New folders can be created anytime from Folder view in the Quick Actions bar.

  • In Folder view, navigate to where you would like to place your new folder.
  • Select the plus sign in the Quick Actions bar and give the new folder a name.
  • Photos can now be dragged into this folder freely or by using Mylio Clipboard.
  • Remember that any changes made to your files here will be reflected on your device operating system.

Source Folders

Source folders allow Mylio to work with the photo where it is, without duplicating it. If you’ve already organized your photos into folders, adding source folders will work best. When you add pictures to a source, Mylio knows right away and adds them to your library for you to enjoy. Any changes you make to your Source folder organization will also occur in Mylio.

See it in the File System

Because Mylio is directly related to the file system, it is easy to see exactly where your photos live on your computer. By right-clicking on any folder and selecting Show in Finder or Show in File Explorer you will be taken to the selected folder’s location on your computer.


The Mylio Pictures folder will be saved within the Mylio Library, which can be stored in a unique location when starting Mylio for the first time, or moved later by simply moving the Mylio root directory from its original location to a new location (the next time Mylio is launched it will ask you to identify the new location of your directory).

Folders vs Virtual Containers (Albums)

A folder is the actual place that file lives on your computer. When you move a photo in a folder (or when you move a folder), you’re changing the location of that item in your file system.

A virtual container is a way to organize links to your files. Those links can be in multiple virtual containers or none at all. Examples of virtual containers include Albums and People View. You can remove the link without affecting the original file in your file system.


Create a Source folder when you want Mylio to continuously watch a folder in your file structure.

At its core Mylio is built around sources. A source is a “watched folder” that contains pictures, videos and documents. Users can add media to sources either in Mylio or outside it in the file system. Sources can include folders on computers as well as My Desktop, My Pictures, My Videos, My Documents and Camera Rolls. When files are added to a source on any machine, that media is replicated to all other machines by Mylio automatically.

Sources are special because Mylio watches them all the time detecting additions, updates, moves, renames and deletions. All of these are replicated to all other machines automatically, whether the changes happened in Mylio, or externally in the file system by the user or another application.