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Estimated time: 15 minutes
Mylio helps you add photos from many sources into a single library. That allows you to organize, access, and protect everything conveniently.

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Add Photos

There are two main options for adding photos to your Mylio Library from your computer: Import and Source Folders. They both make photos show up in Mylio, but there are some key differences.


Import makes a duplicate of the photo specifically for use in Mylio, collecting all the photos in a new area of your hard drive. If your photos are scattered in multiple locations and you want to bring them together in one place for the first time, Import is the way to go.

Source Folders

Source Folders allow Mylio to work with the photo where it is, without duplicating it. If you’ve already organized your photos into folders, adding source folders will work best. When you add pictures to a source, Mylio knows right away and adds them to your library for you to enjoy.


Additional Imports

Keep making more imports using the arrow in the top right. Here are the options:

  1. External Drive
  2. Online Services (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google Photos)
  3. Aperture / iPhotos / Photos
  4. Camera / SD Card

You can import individual photos, batches of photos, or even entire folder structures. Mylio keeps all your photos’ metadata and organization so you don’t lose any time.


Import from Camera

For you camera enthusiasts, Mylio makes it easy to import photos from your camera/SD card:

  • Connect your camera/SD card directly to your computer.
  • Open Mylio and select the import button from the top right corner.
  • Select SD Card, then select your camera’s SD card from the list.
  • Choose the import options you want.
  • Select the folder where you would like the photos imported.

Enjoy the Results

Your photo library is coming together! Check out all the ways Mylio helps you auto-organize your photos: Calendar view, Map view, People view, Albums, and All Photos. You can also add custom organization by creating folders and events yourself.