How to Mylio

Discover how Mylio can help you manage and preserve your photos.

Mylio helps with every stage of the photo management workflow. Check out the articles below to discover how to get it all done.

Streamline your photo workflow. Discover how to consolidate photos from all your sources, control your folder structure and metadata, and protect your originals.

Preserve your family history. Discover how to import digital photos and scans, organize your media memories, and protect milestone moments so you can preserve your family legacy.

Whatever your hobby, Mylio gives you the power to capture and save the moments that matter. Discover how to import your media, organize your memories, and share with friends and family.

Mylio is designed for travel. See how to manage everything on the road, organize even without the internet, and protect your originals, all while traveling light and fully capable.

Organize Memories

Preserve Milestone Moments

Share with Family and Friends

Find Photos Fast

Organize Travel Photos

Add Photos

Control Your Folders

Import from Mobile Devices

Supercharge Your Workflow

Import Digital Photos and Scans

How to Import Photos from a Camera to Your Computer

Protect Your Originals

Manage Your Metadata

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