Set up Cloud Backup for your Mylio Photo Library with
Amazon Drive Unlimited


Introducing: Bring-Your-Own-Cloud

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) allows you to add the Amazon Drive service as an additional device managed by Mylio. If configured to store your original files, this solution can protect your entire library of photos, videos, files, albums, edits, tags, metadata, etc., even if the worst case scenario happens, and all of your physical devices are destroyed in a sloth infestation (or other natural disaster).
  • Lost, Damaged or stolen devices

    Unforeseen loss of device from lost devices, spontaneous hardware failure, or theft.

  • Natural Disaster

    Sloths, Sugar gliders, Chinese dwarf hamsters… or even less likely disasters like floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, or other can damage or destroy your hardware.

  • Hardware Memory Limitations

    HDD and SSDs, even very large ones have limited memory storage, and will eventually become full.

Ready to get cloudy? Let's do this.




Bring-Your-Own-Cloud with Amazon Drive requires a paid subscription to Mylio Premium or Max.

Mylio Premium and Mylio Max features:
  • Connect more devices.
  • Manage larger libraries.
  • More control over where original files are stored.
  • Advanced editing features including White Balance, Tone, Sharpen, Color Vibrance/Saturation, Brushes and more.

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Bring-Your-Own-Cloud with Amazon Drive requires the Amazon Drive Unlimited subscription, which is currently offered with a FREE trial followed by an annual subscription. Pricing is available by first logging into your Amazon Account, then selecting Manage Storage from your account page.

Amazon Drive Unlimited features:

  • Browse files on your computer, phone, tablet and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Amazon never changes or reduces the quality of your files.
  • Fast transfer speeds using Amazon’s industry-standard distributed cloud services.

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Follow these six steps to connect Mylio and Amazon Drive:

  1. From within Mylio, click any device in the Device Map found near the top left of the window.
  2. Select ‘Add More Devices’ at the top of the Device Map.
  3. Select ‘Add Amazon Drive’.
  4. Mylio will display the ‘Add Cloud Storage’ menu. To add Amazon Drive as a protection service, select ‘Add Amazon Drive’ at the bottom of this window.
  5. Sign in to the Amazon account that is subscribed to Amazon’s Unlimited Everything storage plan.
  6. Once signed in, Mylio will display Amazon Drive within the sync panel. By default, Amazon Drive will protect all thumbnails, previews, and originals.

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Precious memories protected.

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