This is getting out of hand.

That’s what we had to admit to ourselves. We’d been using technology for years to capture memories, but the sheer volume we collected was overwhelming us. We were losing track. If life is a big picture, then its pixels were scattered all over the place. There had to be a better way.

What if we could bring the pixels back together again? What if we could gather the record of everything that had happened in our lives in one place, and carry it everywhere?

That’s why we built Mylio – a memory organizer for bringing the story of your life together again, to share with others anytime.

Pictures are our strongest memory triggers, so we started with photos. But there’s also sound and motion, so we added video support. But what about memories from birth announcements or first report cards? We added PDF support.

But all these things are all still pixels, so we created the Life Calendar. Now you can reassemble your memories as they first happened: as events spanning time. Like ‘Summer Camp’, ‘Trip to Paris’, or ‘First Birthday Party’.

Today, Mylio is an ever-evolving, virtual Swiss army knife that helps professionals, small businesses, and anyone else access, edit, organize, protect, and share their memories. And we’re just getting started.





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