How Mylio Helps Keep This Photographer’s Work and Life Balanced

Our Story: My wife Caroline and I run Quiver Tree Photography, based in Washington, North Carolina. We weren’t always in the photography business – we were doing missionary work in Scotland when we got married, then moved back to my native South Africa to start a non-profit. That’s when taking pictures  started being more than just documenting our growing family: when you run a non-profit, you’re the CEO, you’re the Secretary, and unless someone else steps up to do it, you’re the photographer, too. By the time we moved back to North Carolina, we were, to be brutally honest, struggling financially. I needed to make something work to put food on the table for my family. Fortunately, a professional photographer invited me to second shoot a wedding, and on the strength of that experience, my wife and I decided to start Quiver Tree. We jumped in with both feet, opening a gallery, and offering lifestyle sessions — basically chasing two- and three-year-olds around in the humidity, trying to capture something. (Being from South Africa, I’ve had plenty of practice shooting wildlife in the heat. This was a lot like that). Things were tight at first. If you’d asked me then… Continue reading How Mylio Helps Keep This Photographer’s Work and Life Balanced

How to Download and Backup Facebook Photos

I post a lot of pictures to Facebook because it’s the quickest way to share with my friends and family. But now that I am getting older, I’m realizing a few things. First, Facebook changes things up all the time, and I’m starting to get a sinking feeling that I have no idea what that means for the future of all the photos I’ve entrusted them. And second, now that I’m a new father I’m realizing just how important those photos are to me. I want access to them on my own devices so I can tell my personal story to friends, family and baby boy as he grows up. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t trust Facebook to preserve these memories for me — I need to back them up for myself. And I bet I’m not the only person who wants to backup Facebook photos. In the past, I’d grab photos from Facebook by browsing through my albums, then downloading each one individually. But those days are over. A cross-platform app called Mylio can import and backup Facebook photos, maintaining the same album structure and tagging, and do it all in minutes. And best of all, Mylio is FREE! What is Mylio? Mylio… Continue reading How to Download and Backup Facebook Photos

Here’s How Many Digital Photos Will Be Taken in 2017

How many digital photos will be taken in 2017?  It’s predicted there will be 7.5 billion people in the world in 2017, and about 5 billion of them will have a mobile phone. Let’s say roughly 80% of those phones have a built-in camera: around 4 billion people. And let’s say they take 10 photos per day – that’s 3,650 photos per year, per person. That adds up to more than 14 trillion photos annually (14,600,000,000,000). Much more conservatively, if only one billion people have cameras or phones, and take less than 3 photos per day/1,000 pictures per year, that’s still 1 trillion photos captured every year. How many digital photos will be taken in 2017: InfoTrends’ most recent worldwide image capture forecast takes this conservative route, estimating consumers will take 1.1 trillion photos worldwide in 2016. This number will grow to 1.2 trillion photos in 2017. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2016 to 2017 will be 9%. These hard-to-wrap-your-head-around numbers are illustrated below, with the ever-upwards trend for more picture capture and storage projected, of course, to continue, with digits we wish could be narrated by Carl Sagan or Dr. Evil. Now what? (Have you reached too… Continue reading Here’s How Many Digital Photos Will Be Taken in 2017

From Kitchen to California: How Mylio Keeps My Family Connected

My Story: I’m a Microsoft software engineer who uses Mylio to keep my family connected via photo sharing. I’ve been tracking Mylio from the start because a good friend of mine, JP Duplessis, is part of the company. So I’ve been using the product from its first Beta up until today – giving lots of feedback, and loving it all along. At first, it was just me using Mylio on a single PC, mainly because I was tired of the old, boring, feature-limited Windows photo apps. The family connection came because I desperately needed Mylio to solve a problem common among tech-savvy households: syncing information across multiple devices with multiple platforms. My wife uses Apple products, my son is on Android, and I’m on Windows, Android, and Linux. So you can see our challenge. For the longest time, I couldn’t get photos from my wife. Sharing from iCloud was out since she doesn’t believe in using the cloud, and doesn’t use Facebook either. Then, she lost the photos on her MacBook – twice!  — once when her laptop crashed, the second time when it was stolen. That was a wakeup call!  Oh man, I thought, I gotta get our photos… Continue reading From Kitchen to California: How Mylio Keeps My Family Connected

Why Is My iPhone Storage Full? (And What Can I Do About It?)

I love my iPhone. It’s not only a great phone, but a great texter, video- and photo-taker and -viewer, gaming device, and so much more. But all that wonderfulness has a silicon ceiling: storage capacity. If you’ve ever seen regular messages with variations of iPhone storage full, you know what I mean. Apple offers a variety of options for iPhone memory capacity, but show me the biggest iPhone SSD out there (like my iPhone 6s+ with 128 GB of storage) and I’ll show you a way to fill it, fast. How? iPhone’s Worst Space Hogs: Photos & Camera Videos Music Messages (especially if you send/receive a lot of photo and video messages) Games Other Apps Tip: You can see what’s stored (and where) on your iPhone by opening Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. iPhones Are Chock Full o’ Pictures Like other smart phone users, those of us with iPhones like to take a ton of pictures. But apparently we’re even more snappy than most: a 2015 study showed that iPhone users took an average of 250 photos per month — 65% more than the average Android user. That leaves a lot to be managed (not to mention a quickly… Continue reading Why Is My iPhone Storage Full? (And What Can I Do About It?)

Did You Know You’re Leaking Memories? Here’s How, and What to Do About It

The New ‘Lost Generation’ Photojournalist and memory evangelist Kevin Gilbert says we’re losing millions of photos a year due to our increasing reliance on mobile technology – and human error. He’s on a mission to help preserve and protect those photo memories before they’re lost forever. Q: In addition to photojournalist, you call yourself a memory evangelist. What’s a memory evangelist? I’m someone who is constantly talking about memories. Capturing memories, finding memories and saving memories. I’m focused on photographs, because that’s my background. Photographs are great memory triggers. When you’re talking about photographs, you’re really talking about important memories. Q: You spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet in Boston last year about the “Lost Generation” – what do you mean by that term? I use the term “Lost Generation” because in many ways, our photo memories are lost to us. They’re lost because we can’t find them: they’re scattered across computers, cameras, smartphones and the web. We’re taking more photos and capturing more memories than any time in recorded history – we’ll take 880 billion photos this year alone. We take photos with cameras, phones or tablets, or wearables like Google Glass. Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows us to take more… Continue reading Did You Know You’re Leaking Memories? Here’s How, and What to Do About It

Transforming a Passion to a Hobby to a Job with Mylio

My Story: On the face of it, I’m a pretty successful photographer — I have a number of clients here in Switzerland, including professional sports teams. My work is published, I put together custom, one-of-a-kind photo books, and people come to me to buy images for their homes and offices. But the truth is that I have a day job (I’m a Worldwide Channel Manager in the IT Industry), and photography is my hobby. A hobby that keeps me very busy. It started to get serious when I bought myself a really nice camera for my 40th birthday. I was in love with photography as soon as I saw the pictures that Zeiss lens produced, and wanted to learn more about the craft. A year later, a neighbor suggested I enter a photo contest for a local foot race; my photo won first prize for ‘Ambience and Emotion’! That was just the beginning. At one point I’d advanced to taking pictures of the local Junior soccer team, and someone (Scott Kelby, to be exact) suggested I propose shooting for the professional team. I requested a credential for one game, but was refused: the team owners said they’d rather I shoot… Continue reading Transforming a Passion to a Hobby to a Job with Mylio

Announcing the First of Mylio’s Bring-Your-Own-Cloud Solutions

Making it as easy as possible to organize and protect your life’s memories is what we’re all about here at Mylio. We also believe everyone should have direct control over their own data. So we’re proud to announce a new service offering for Mylio Premium users that will provide even more choice and control for file protection: Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC). Starting today, you can link a cloud service to your Mylio account. Protection Organizations from the American Society of Media Photographers to the Department of Homeland Security recommend keeping at least one copy of your files in an offsite location, and cloud services are a simple solution for this. Why offsite? Because a dozen different copies on different devices won’t do you any good if your home falls victim to a Sloth infestation (or, less likely, if they’re all in the same burning building). Choice and Control As our founder recently shared, BYOC is a new offering for people to keep copies of their files offsite without being locked in to a particular service provider. Our first offering is through Amazon Drive, which, for $60 per year after a 3-month free trial, gives you unlimited storage for photos and video. In just a few minutes,… Continue reading Announcing the First of Mylio’s Bring-Your-Own-Cloud Solutions

How Widescope Productions Stays One Step Ahead of the Competition with Mylio

Our Story: I’m one of three co-owners of Widescope Productions, a Spanish film and video production services firm with offices in Barcelona and Malaga. We work with foreign clients who want to produce commercials or still shoots in Spain. We’re an end-to-end shop, and can facilitate just about any aspect of the production – budgets, location scouting, equipment, transport, casting, crew, and other production support. We got our start doing music videos, because none of our competition did them. A 21-hour day wasn’t unusual then, followed by an hour’s drive to the next location. Today, what makes us stand out from our competitors is that all three of us partners run the jobs; one of us is always available to turn around budgets, and provide location reference photos within hours. We also enjoy good relationships with Spanish authorities, so we know when something is (or isn’t) possible. We have a great team of 8 full-time staffers, plus an army of subcontractors, who give clients unlimited support – weekends, after midnight, whatever. Why Mylio? One of the other things that differentiates us from the competition is Mylio — it makes us faster and more efficient. To be honest, I’ve kept Mylio… Continue reading How Widescope Productions Stays One Step Ahead of the Competition with Mylio

The Rescued Film Project Scrambles to Save 1,200 Rolls of Mysterious Film

The Rescued Film Project is an online archive gallery of images captured on film between the 1930’s and late 1990’s, each one recovered from found, unprocessed rolls of film. Since film degrades over time, there’s a race on to develop as many images as possible before they’re gone. To date, founder, photographer, and film technician Levi Bettwieser has rescued over 18,000 images from all over the world.   Every image in The Rescued Film Project at some point, was special for someone.  Each frame captured reflects a moment that was intended to be remembered.  The picture was taken, the roll was finished, wound up, and for reasons we can only speculate, was never developed.  These moments never made it into photo albums, or framed neatly on walls.  We believe that these images deserve to be seen, so that the photographer’s personal experiences can be shared. Forever marking their existence in history. –The Rescued Film Project Visual arts blog Colossal recently highlighted an especially large – and mysterious – project Bettwieser has undertaken: processing 1,200 rolls of 1950s-era film shot by a man known only as Paul. Found film always brings its own mysteries and pathos; this batch was particularly puzzling. It came… Continue reading The Rescued Film Project Scrambles to Save 1,200 Rolls of Mysterious Film