These 3 Photographers Reveal the Odd Art of Organizing Your Food

There’s something calming and gratifying about objects sorted and organized – a human neurological quirk that’s made its way into affinity groups and bestseller lists, and is shared by many of us here at Mylio (and, we suspect, by you too). The three creatives below are definitely on board with organizing, with three takes on food still lifes that are both fun and satisfying. What must their dinner plates have looked like growing up? Links will jump you down the page: Lernert & Sande: Cubes Sam Kaplan: Pyramids Unwrapped Brittany Wright: Food Gradients Lernert & Sande When the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant wanted an arresting image for their special photo documentary project about food, they reached out to artists Lernert & Sande. The duo’s finished effort: nearly 100 perfect 1 x 1 x 1-inch raw, comestible cubes. You can buy prints of the work here. And for those of you who don’t think the image is quite organized enough, take heart: one obsessive netizen has — wait for it — assiduously labeled each of the cubes. Via boredpada. Sam Kaplan New York-based commercial photographer Sam Kaplan shoots plenty of assignments for clients, but his Pyramids Unwrapped project was a personal effort, reflecting… Continue reading These 3 Photographers Reveal the Odd Art of Organizing Your Food

This Photoshop Expert Hilariously Skewers our Social Media Madness

Plenty has been written about the slippery slope side of Photoshop — how its use in fashion and advertising promotes unrealistic body images, how it messes with truth curves along with tonal curves. We’ve even contributed a few lines to the canon. But Photoshop (Wizard? Troll? Gadfly? Artist?) James Fridman has done us all one better with his ongoing social media series, run from his site, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Followers send in pictures with requests for Photoshop enhancements, and Fridman responds in careful-what-you-wish-for fairy tale fashion: granting the wish, but with unexpected – and usually hilarious – results. But as lowbrow as the humor can get (‘make my boobs really big’, for instance, yields something with steel cables and a construction crane, you get the picture), Fridman’s work has the hold-up-a-mirror-to-society edge of legit satire. The underlying theme: this currency of digital imagery we all trade in now has created some serious narcissism, and it needs some gentle mocking to keep it in perspective. Emphasis on gentle, though: Fridman’s series implicitly undermines the dishonesty of Photoshopped images, but it’s never mean, and includes the occasional dose of almost parental reality checking. A woman who asks that her Vitiligo… Continue reading This Photoshop Expert Hilariously Skewers our Social Media Madness

How Mylio Helps Keep This Photographer’s Work and Life Balanced

Our Story: My wife Caroline and I run Quiver Tree Photography, based in Washington, North Carolina. We weren’t always in the photography business – we were doing missionary work in Scotland when we got married, then moved back to my native South Africa to start a non-profit. That’s when taking pictures  started being more than just documenting our growing family: when you run a non-profit, you’re the CEO, you’re the Secretary, and unless someone else steps up to do it, you’re the photographer, too. By the time we moved back to North Carolina, we were, to be brutally honest, struggling financially. I needed to make something work to put food on the table for my family. Fortunately, a professional photographer invited me to second shoot a wedding, and on the strength of that experience, my wife and I decided to start Quiver Tree. We jumped in with both feet, opening a gallery, and offering lifestyle sessions — basically chasing two- and three-year-olds around in the humidity, trying to capture something. (Being from South Africa, I’ve had plenty of practice shooting wildlife in the heat. This was a lot like that). Things were tight at first. If you’d asked me then… Continue reading How Mylio Helps Keep This Photographer’s Work and Life Balanced

How to Download and Backup Facebook Photos

I post a lot of pictures to Facebook because it’s the quickest way to share with my friends and family. But now that I am getting older, I’m realizing a few things. First, Facebook changes things up all the time, and I’m starting to get a sinking feeling that I have no idea what that means for the future of all the photos I’ve entrusted them. And second, now that I’m a new father I’m realizing just how important those photos are to me. I want access to them on my own devices so I can tell my personal story to friends, family and baby boy as he grows up. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t trust Facebook to preserve these memories for me — I need to back them up for myself. And I bet I’m not the only person who wants to backup Facebook photos. In the past, I’d grab photos from Facebook by browsing through my albums, then downloading each one individually. But those days are over. A cross-platform app called Mylio can import and backup Facebook photos, maintaining the same album structure and tagging, and do it all in minutes. And best of all, Mylio is FREE! What is Mylio? Mylio… Continue reading How to Download and Backup Facebook Photos

Secrets of the Pro Photographers: Video Tutorial Series, Part 3

Welcome! I’m photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, and I’ve worked as a celebrity/fashion and beauty photographer for the last 29 years, capturing subjects from Samuel L. Jackson, to Britney Spears, to Aretha Franklin, to the Future American Presidents. If you’d like to discover how I’ve created a career working with some of the top celebrities, advertising and fashion clients, come check out this FREE 3-part photography training series. I guarantee you will learn something new that can help you on your journey of being a photographer. If you’ve ever wondered if you can make a career as a photographer, or worried about the competition, then this video series is just for you. Happy holidays! Part 3: Tools to Help You Excel in Photography If there’s one question I get more than any other, it’s about the tools I use. People often want to know which camera I use, or which lens is my favorite, or even what’s in my camera bag when I travel. In this video, I go deeper into the tools I use, and explain why each is critical in helping you have a better life as a photographer  — and become more productive. You definitely don’t want to miss this informative video.… Continue reading Secrets of the Pro Photographers: Video Tutorial Series, Part 3

In These Sly Photo Mashups, Gods and Angels Take the Bus

People who do a lot of thinking about the creative process have described it as the alchemical ability to take seemingly unrelated things and turn them into something new. When you can’t see the seams, the results feel fresh; when you can see the seams – like in mashups – the results feel simultaneously new, sly, and knowing. The work winks at you. The Art History in Contemporary Life series winks at you like that. Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov’s ongoing digital collage project takes the gods, seraphim, and mythic critters of classical master paintings out of the museums, and puts them into modern-day urban Kiev. There’s Apollo, busking on the subway platform. There’s Diana, grabbing a Red Bull at the convenience shop. Are these divine creatures brought low, or is the gritty environment elevated? Either way, this is magical realism at its best. Images via deMilked and Contemporary Art Curator Magazine  

How Mylio Helps Natural Exposures Manage a Million (!) Images

Our Story: I’m an outdoor photographer who heads up a small business called Natural Exposures. We take small groups of people on photo tours in some of the most spectacular places on earth – from the Arctic to Antarctica, South Africa to South America, Croatia, to Madagascar, to New Zealand. Up to 18 trips per year. As you can see from some of my own pictures, we’re known for bringing our guests up close to amazing landscapes and wildlife; along the way we also help them learn more about conservation, how to take great photographs, and maybe even something about themselves. We promise memories you’ll never forget – and the pictures to prove it. (We must be doing something right – in 2014 the World Travel Awards, an organization that acknowledges excellence in global travel and tourism, named us the World’s Leading Specialist Holiday Company. We were pretty proud). Why Mylio? I use Mylio for finding images quickly via the rocket-fast search tool, and the super simple calendar tool. I recommend it to any small business for three reasons: volume, speed, and support. Volume. Our heavy travel schedule gives us a lot of stamps in our passports — it gives us… Continue reading How Mylio Helps Natural Exposures Manage a Million (!) Images

From Kitchen to California: How Mylio Keeps My Family Connected

My Story: I’m a Microsoft software engineer who uses Mylio to keep my family connected via photo sharing. I’ve been tracking Mylio from the start because a good friend of mine, JP Duplessis, is part of the company. So I’ve been using the product from its first Beta up until today – giving lots of feedback, and loving it all along. At first, it was just me using Mylio on a single PC, mainly because I was tired of the old, boring, feature-limited Windows photo apps. The family connection came because I desperately needed Mylio to solve a problem common among tech-savvy households: syncing information across multiple devices with multiple platforms. My wife uses Apple products, my son is on Android, and I’m on Windows, Android, and Linux. So you can see our challenge. For the longest time, I couldn’t get photos from my wife. Sharing from iCloud was out since she doesn’t believe in using the cloud, and doesn’t use Facebook either. Then, she lost the photos on her MacBook – twice!  — once when her laptop crashed, the second time when it was stolen. That was a wakeup call!  Oh man, I thought, I gotta get our photos… Continue reading From Kitchen to California: How Mylio Keeps My Family Connected

24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 2)

Ready for more smart phone photo app deliciousness? We know you are, so let’s get right to it. (And if you haven’t checked out Part 1 of this series with apps 1-12, you can see it here). 13. Snapseed Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free What it is: Snapseed by Google simply is a robust, professional photo editor with features like a healing tool, brushes, filters, frames, HDR effects, structural and perspective edits, vignette, lens blur, “glamour glow,” and focus enhancement. What’s cool about Snapseed is it opens both JPG and RAW files for editing. 14. Photo Editor by Aviary  Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free, with in-app purchases What it offers, what’s special: This app allows you to enhance and stylize your smartphone photos using filters, stickers, overlays, vignettes, a sharpening tool, a focus tool, a blemish removal tool and a teeth whitening tool, as well as apply editing tools like crop, rotate, straighten, contrast, brightness, and shadows. Aviary tells us that some of these effects are even “made by artists around the world.” The app also lets you draw your own photo captions and doodles. One differentiator here: you can sync your photos to Adobe Creative Cloud (requires Adobe ID) to access filters and tool packs… Continue reading 24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 2)

24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 1)

This two-part post is for you, smart phone photographers – even those brave, hardy few that still have flame-throwing Samsung Galaxy Note 7s: a robust list of 24 awesome photo apps you might have never heard of before. From colored gels, to cartoonizing, to time lapse to still-capture — there’s something for everyone to slice, dice, freeze, stretch, and, yes please, share. Enjoy discovering the first half today, then come join us for the second half tomorrow. Ready? Let’s do this. 1. PABLO Platform: iOS Price: Free Why it’s cool: You can make long-exposure videos, and light-write art photos in HD on your iPhone. How does it work? As TechCrunch explains: “Since Apple’s API mandates that the camera shutter only stay open for a maximum of 1 second, PABLO needed to find a workaround. So they came up with a way to simulate the shutter staying open by taking multiple one second exposures and merging it into a video or photo (which is just the last frame of the video)… This faux long-exposure also means that you can see the content while you are capturing it, as opposed to a real long-exposure on a DSLR where the screen goes black and you… Continue reading 24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 1)