This Artist Will Squeeze Your Heart With These Images

We’re big believers here at Mylio in the concept of photograph as time machine. And so is fine art photographer Chino Otsuka. In the video below, she describes the concepts behind her project Imagine Finding Me, in which she digitally composites her present-day, adult self into childhood photos from the family album. Such is Otsuka’s artistry that if you didn’t know what you were looking at, you’d think these were a series of non-descript snapshots, very much like those sitting sandwiched in their billions in binders and shoeboxes everywhere. But they’re so not. Otsuka clearly understands the complex set of emotions old photos – especially old family photos – can trigger; she describes how such pictures show layers of time, and are vehicles for taking us on memory journeys. “I think that’s exactly what you do when you look at the family album; that’s what you do in your mind. There’s so many different layers, so many mental time travels that go on inside your head. To a certain extent I was able to show that in an image, in a very simplistic form.” –Chino Otsuka The results are at once quiet, unpretentious, poetic verging on mystical, and it-just-slowly-seeps-in powerful.… Continue reading This Artist Will Squeeze Your Heart With These Images

This is It

My return to Japan was a personal triumph: revisiting certain places was to relive and affirm my own history, and to see how the world had changed while I’d been gone. And of all the places I revisited, the most symbolic was Tokyo Tower. At the time, my nephew was fascinated by the Seattle Space Needle, so while I was at its Japanese counterpart, I got him a tiny model at the gift shop. As I was leaving, it suddenly occurred to me that I should take a picture of the little model next to its gigantic archetype. Inspired, I climbed all the way back to the top and took a picture. I took pictures of the model riding on the elevator. I took pictures sitting on the see-through glass floor of the observation deck. I took  pictures looking up, looking down, looking out at the cityscape. I took pictures inside, I took pictures outside, I took pictures while touching the very-highest, tip-toeiest, finger-stretchyest point a person could reach on the tower. When I brought the model home, I handed it to my nephew, along with the pictures. I said: This is it, and it was there. Tim Turner, Mylio… Continue reading This is It