Photos from 3 New Calendars That Bare Everything For a Good Cause

As someone here pointed out this morning, 2017 is now %0.68 complete — little enough, probably, to still do a roundup of fun charity pinup calendars (which are really just an excuse for fun photo projects): Following up on the success of his for-charity 2016 effort (sexy French Firefighters) photographer Fred Goudon brings us sexy French Farmers, shot on location in Normandy, Provence, Picardie, and Champagne. The calendar, Goudon notes on his blog, is a tribute to a profession for which people often lack gratefulness. “All of [these farmers][ have lent themselves to play the game of posing in a sexy way to promote in an off-the-wall way the work and dedication with which [they] are involved relentlessly in their hard job.”   Buy one today, and you’re only %0.68 in the hole. Also below: veterinary students in the buff, and come-hither NYC taxi drivers. via My Modern Met. Free Range Vets Calendars For more than three decades, the veterinary students from the University of Sydney have been producing a charity calendar, with proceeds going to local farmers and ranchers. Images here are from both the 2017 and 2016 editions, with a behind-the-scenes video from this year’s project. NYC Taxi Drivers Calendars… Continue reading Photos from 3 New Calendars That Bare Everything For a Good Cause

Four Photographers Celebrate the Rare, Hidden Grace of Albinism

Mylio is a technology company, and there’s a lot of talk in tech about unicorns, that rarest of beings with the magical ability to change everything. Unicorns came to mind recently after interviewing photographer Russ Quackenbush: among his personal projects is a series of striking portraits of people with Type 1 Albinism, a rare (and in some places, magical) genetic condition. We’ve since found three other photographers who’ve been inspired to create similar personal projects, celebrating and exploring the beauty and grace within the otherness. According to the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH), about one in 18,00 people in the U.S. (other sources say one in 20,000) have some kind of albinism, marked by reduction in melanin production in hair, skin, and eyes. Severe visual impairment is common. Albinism is ethnically (and ironically) color-blind, and both parents have to carry the gene to pass it on to their children, even if they themselves don’t have the condition. A common theme reported by the subjects here: the burden of always being the center of attention. “The sun makes my skin glow,” one recounts. “I stick out like a sore thumb. You can compare it to how vampires in Twilight glow in… Continue reading Four Photographers Celebrate the Rare, Hidden Grace of Albinism

Here’s What the Best of 34,624 Images from 120 Countries Looks Like

The Red Bull Illume Image Quest bills itself as the “greatest international photography contest dedicated to action and adventure sports,” and, really, who’s going to argue?  2016 marks the competition’s fourth year, with a Mobile category added this year to keep up with the times. Red Bull tells us that 5,645 photographers from 120 countries submitted 34,624 images to the contest; the Art Institute of Chicago recently hosted a ceremony recognizing the 11 Category and one Overall Winner. You can see their work below, as well as a striking selection of finalists. For a gallery of winnowed-down finalists (all 275 of them) look here; for the stories behind the shots, here. You can also see galleries from past competitions. This year’s finalist images are on a global exhibit tour until mid 2018 – of course not just any tour and exhibition, but one that takes place at night, and outdoors. Morning people: you may need something to perk you up.