3 Artists Who Straddle Time with Old and New Photos

We’ve explored examples of photography as time travel — time slipping, time collapsing, time-telescoping, and more. With one small (but fun!) variation, the images from the three photographers below share a theme of time straddling: using a photo, in the place it was originally taken, as a picture-window into the past. (How long before VR goggles help us not only see through time in still imagery, but allow us to walk around in the past?) Notice how each artist approaches the same concept differently, and with different effect. Julien Knez’s windows into historical Paris remind us of how well-preserved the city is (and, subtly, why that is); in contrast, Babak Fakhamzadeh’s work in Freetown shows us the decay that’s set in in many post-colonial African cities. Far afield from both is Francois Dourien’s ongoing project: more whimsical, yet with a sly nod to how popular culture – as delivered by our smartphones – can become the goggles through which we view our physical environment. Links will jump you down the page: Julien Knez: Paris then and now. Babak Fakhamzadeh: Freetown, Sierra Leon then and now. Francois Dourien: Pop culture images superimposed over IRL. Julien Knez Taking advantage of living in what’s possibly the… Continue reading 3 Artists Who Straddle Time with Old and New Photos

24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 2)

Ready for more smart phone photo app deliciousness? We know you are, so let’s get right to it. (And if you haven’t checked out Part 1 of this series with apps 1-12, you can see it here). 13. Snapseed Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free What it is: Snapseed by Google simply is a robust, professional photo editor with features like a healing tool, brushes, filters, frames, HDR effects, structural and perspective edits, vignette, lens blur, “glamour glow,” and focus enhancement. What’s cool about Snapseed is it opens both JPG and RAW files for editing. 14. Photo Editor by Aviary  Platform: iOS, Android Price: Free, with in-app purchases What it offers, what’s special: This app allows you to enhance and stylize your smartphone photos using filters, stickers, overlays, vignettes, a sharpening tool, a focus tool, a blemish removal tool and a teeth whitening tool, as well as apply editing tools like crop, rotate, straighten, contrast, brightness, and shadows. Aviary tells us that some of these effects are even “made by artists around the world.” The app also lets you draw your own photo captions and doodles. One differentiator here: you can sync your photos to Adobe Creative Cloud (requires Adobe ID) to access filters and tool packs… Continue reading 24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 2)

24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 1)

This two-part post is for you, smart phone photographers – even those brave, hardy few that still have flame-throwing Samsung Galaxy Note 7s: a robust list of 24 awesome photo apps you might have never heard of before. From colored gels, to cartoonizing, to time lapse to still-capture — there’s something for everyone to slice, dice, freeze, stretch, and, yes please, share. Enjoy discovering the first half today, then come join us for the second half tomorrow. Ready? Let’s do this. 1. PABLO Platform: iOS Price: Free Why it’s cool: You can make long-exposure videos, and light-write art photos in HD on your iPhone. How does it work? As TechCrunch explains: “Since Apple’s API mandates that the camera shutter only stay open for a maximum of 1 second, PABLO needed to find a workaround. So they came up with a way to simulate the shutter staying open by taking multiple one second exposures and merging it into a video or photo (which is just the last frame of the video)… This faux long-exposure also means that you can see the content while you are capturing it, as opposed to a real long-exposure on a DSLR where the screen goes black and you… Continue reading 24 Juicy Mobile Photo Apps You May Never Have Heard Of (Part 1)

Happy, Doggy Stories of Panic, Desire, and Joy

Photographer Christian Vieler bought a new camera a few years ago, and faced a common dilemma: how to learn to use the thing on living subjects without hassling his friends. So he turned to – yes, it’s true – animal testing. Dogs specifically, including his own Labrador, Lotte. And what’s the best way to catch and keep a dog’s attention? Before too long, Vieler realized he was on to something, that he was capturing “stories of panic, desire, and joy.” He started a Facebook page for the project called Fotos Frie Schnauze (rough translation: Free Snout Photos), at first drawing subjects from dogs who’d accompany clients to his studio, then from people contacting him directly for puppy portraits. And the series continues. If you’re ever near Waltrop, Germany with your hound(s), be sure to check in with Vieler to commission a session. Treats, probably, included.  

Instagram’s newest iOS update is not as great as it seems. (In fact, it’s an avocado.)

Do you regularly check all your apps, ensuring they’re all up-to-date? Are  you, maybe, borderline obsessive about it (like me)? If so, you may have noticed Monday that Instagram made an update. And not just any update, but an update wrapped in super cool paper made to look like it had the best present ever inside — only it turned out to be an avocado. Not that I don’t like avocados; it’s just I’d rather not receive one as a gift (or in this case a seemingly awesome app update). The latest update, in theory, resolved a long existing issue between iOS users and Instagram: sharing directly to the application. This wasn’t possible even in the camera roll; you had to go to Instagram directly, then continuously scroll through said roll until you found your desired image. The new update solves this clunkiness — again, in theory. But not really. I’m sorry to break your socially-savvy heart, but it’s not a fun fix. Sure, you can share your photos from camera roll to Instagram, but all you really get to do with this ‘sharing’ is add a measly caption. You can’t edit with filters, you can’t crop, you can’t even hashtag your photo! There’s so much more to a quality… Continue reading Instagram’s newest iOS update is not as great as it seems. (In fact, it’s an avocado.)

5 Ways to Reclaim Wasted Travel Time: Create Picture Perfect Images with Editing Tools

You know it, you dread it: the Travel Day. Even when everything goes according to schedule, it’s a day you pretty much write off as lost time. But since Mylio works offline, even the most jaded Road Warrior can be productive – even creative – during those idle hours. Here’s how. Previous: Life Calendar Next: Sync and Protect 4. Create Picture Perfect Images with Editing Tools You’ve chosen your hero shot, and now you want to make it just so. Mylio includes a suite of editing tools, including Black and White conversion, Red-Eye Removal, and Sharpening (premium versions include more tools, like brushes, a histogram, and a compare-before-and-after option). First, maximize your image by double clicking it. You can do some basic edits like cropping or rotating  by clicking the icons on the bottom bar, but to access the full set of tools, make sure the right panel is open to reveal the icons at the upper right hand corner. Clicking the pencil icon there will open the edit tools. In this example, we’ve converted the picture to black and white, and sharpened it up a bit. Edit and experiment as much as you want — with Mylio, nothing is lost. Not only are… Continue reading 5 Ways to Reclaim Wasted Travel Time: Create Picture Perfect Images with Editing Tools

Me, My Mother, and Us

My mom and I are often told how much we look alike. I don’t always see it, I’m more aware of the differences – my face is rounder, she has a stronger jawline, etc. But sometimes it takes a slow day and a free app to realize just how much you look like your mother. That’s how this picture came to life. On the left is my mom at 22 – holding newborn me (very meta, I know). On the right is me, 23 and procrastinating actual work by taking a selfie.  It’s incredible to see how how we basically become one person in the photo, and just how similar we are. But we don’t only look alike — we act alike too, in a lot of ways. I inherited some great traits from my Mom, and I’m incredibly proud to resemble her — physically, mentally and emotionally. Treasure Connors, Content & Social Media Manager Who knew?  I have no tattoos (my Mom has 11). I collect sombreros. I don’t like emus. I like to shoot: Things that happen in the moment, usually when out with friends, or around cities I visit. I use my iPhone 6 because it’s fast, and readily available.… Continue reading Me, My Mother, and Us

Caribbean Colors: It’s Not About the Camera

I teach a lot of photo workshops around the world, and I love to see how learning more about photography inspires people. But recently I’ve had students challenge me about my photos, saying things like: “Well, you have all those big fancy cameras and giant lenses, that’s why your pictures are so good.” Wrong! Yes, I’ve been a professional photographer for 30 years, so I’ve told a lot of stories and I have a lot of gear. My camera takes very high-quality images. But I always prefer capturing a great memory to a technically good photograph. I don’t need a 40mb image file shot in RAW to tell a story. I don’t need the $4000 f /2 lens to tell a story. I don’t need 12 frames per second to tell a story. I just need a good subject to shoot (content) and some kind of image capturing device. I love my iPhone. I love my Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera. It’s pounds lighter than a traditional DSLR and the image quality is great. As my friend Chase Jarvis says: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” With that in mind, I took up a challenge a few… Continue reading Caribbean Colors: It’s Not About the Camera

One Trillion Photos in 2015

Editor’s note: This has turned out to be a really popular post — but it’s two years out of date! If you’ve arrived here looking for how many digital pictures we do (and will) take, projected through 2017, click here for our updated infographic and discussion.  How many photos will be taken in 2015? Answer: One Trillion Photos You read that headline correctly – across the globe, all of us will take just over one trillion photos in 2015. And before this year is over, we’ll have taken 810 billion photos – a mind-boggling number.* So how did we get to such huge numbers? In the early days of consumer photography, taking a picture was simple enough – but it was expensive. You had to pay for every roll of film you put in your camera, for processing that roll of film and for each and every print. So all of us picture takers were a bit more careful about pressing the shutter, because it cost us. Digital photography changed all that. Suddenly we could take endless images without added expense, and see the results easily and immediately. We all started taking more photos. A lot more photos. Today, of course, many of… Continue reading One Trillion Photos in 2015