Around The World with Tamara Lackey (and her family!)

Content provided by Connection Model Photographer and author Tamara Lackey has been using Mylio for months to organize her photo life. Last week she shared a new travel photo gallery on her website and talked about why she loves travel so much. She was able to quickly locate photos from her world travels using Mylio. “When trying to create a collection that was built over time, like this Around The World Gallery, the act of pulling images from different folders, locations, and backup drives can feel like a rather chaotic and frustrating experience. Being able to quickly copy everything into Mylio and then build an album there, in such a clean and enjoyable-to-use interface, made this project a joy. And now I can also have all these images with me all the time without having to do one more thing. Pretty awesome,” she noted. “I love travel … Travel has been, and always will be, an integral part of my life. And I think there are very few things that have shaped my view of the world more than seeing so much of it. And I know there are very few things that have shaped my view of how we are… Continue reading Around The World with Tamara Lackey (and her family!)

One Trillion Photos in 2015

Editor’s note: This has turned out to be a really popular post — but it’s two years out of date! If you’ve arrived here looking for how many digital pictures we do (and will) take, projected through 2017, click here for our updated infographic and discussion.  How many photos will be taken in 2015? Answer: One Trillion Photos You read that headline correctly – across the globe, all of us will take just over one trillion photos in 2015. And before this year is over, we’ll have taken 810 billion photos – a mind-boggling number.* So how did we get to such huge numbers? In the early days of consumer photography, taking a picture was simple enough – but it was expensive. You had to pay for every roll of film you put in your camera, for processing that roll of film and for each and every print. So all of us picture takers were a bit more careful about pressing the shutter, because it cost us. Digital photography changed all that. Suddenly we could take endless images without added expense, and see the results easily and immediately. We all started taking more photos. A lot more photos. Today, of course, many of… Continue reading One Trillion Photos in 2015

The New ‘Lost Generation’

The New ‘Lost Generation’ Photojournalist and memory evangelist Kevin Gilbert says we’re losing millions of photos a year due to our increasing reliance on mobile technology – and human error. He’s on a mission to help preserve and protect those photo memories before they’re lost forever. Q: In addition to photojournalist, you call yourself a memory evangelist. What’s a memory evangelist? I’m someone who is constantly talking about memories. Capturing memories, finding memories and saving memories. I’m focused on photographs, because that’s my background. Photographs are great memory triggers. When you’re talking about photographs, you’re really talking about important memories. A sampling of Kevin Gilbert’s 2,000,000 photos. Clockwise from left: a little girl on a fishing boat in Borneo, 2007; children meditate before school in India, 2010; a polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba, 2011; Tuscany countryside. Q: You spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet in Boston last year about the “Lost Generation” – what do you mean by that term? I use the term “Lost Generation” because in many ways, our photo memories are lost to us. They’re lost because we can’t find them: they’re scattered across computers, cameras, smartphones and the web. We’re taking more photos and capturing more memories than any… Continue reading The New ‘Lost Generation’

Love Photography Again: Why I Wrote the Official Guide to Mylio

I recently went to a flea market and was saddened when I saw a large basket of old photographs. A sign nearby suggested that the photos could be purchased as “instant relatives.” It made me sad to know that carefully captured family memories were being offered to anyone who would pay for them. Photos, whether they’re of your family or professional work captured for clients, are memories captured in tangible form. They are your legacy as a photographer. I’ve been a photographer most of my life, and I’ve always tried to maintain control over the hundreds of thousands of images I have accumulated over the past fifty years. This challenge increased dramatically when digital arrived on the scene. For years I struggled to find the best way to backup, store, and protect my images. I felt like the mythological king Sisyphus, pushing a boulder up a hill every day only to watch it roll back down to the bottom every single time. As soon as I mastered a photography workflow that protected my library, storage options would change and improve or software would change, requiring me to come up with a backup plan all over again. Last year I had… Continue reading Love Photography Again: Why I Wrote the Official Guide to Mylio