Hairiin Orchlon, Again with Feeling

I lived and worked in Mongolia for five years — two with the Peace Corps, and the rest with a private company. This picture is from my Peace Corps days. I was working in the public health sector; that’s me on the right with my Mongolian counterpart, Dr. Gotov.  We’re singing a Mongolian folk song at the Zavkhan Province Health Department New Year’s party.


The best piece of advice I ever got about Mongolia was this: learn a song, then sing it with people any chance you get. The one I learned, and am singing here, was Hairiin Orchlon, a song of longing, about being separated from a loved one.

I sang the hell out of that song. I sang it at office parties, I sang it at karaoke clubs, I sang it on long car rides. I definitely sang it every chance I got, and each time made fast, fast friends.

Jess Lampe, Project Manager

Who knew?

  1. I speak Mongolian.
  2. I lived in a yurt (ger) for two years.
  3. I recently ran my first marathon.

I like to shoot:  The small details in life.

My Mylio setup:  Three devices and about 5,000 images.


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Jess Lampe
Jess is Mylio’s Helpful Nomad, developing analytics platforms and project managing our account management system to help ensure we are delivering a quality product to our quality customers. He is a world traveler. Follow him on instagram at lampejess.

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