Bringing Papy Back to Life

This shot was taken in May 1967, four months after I was born. The big guy is Auguste, my grandfather. I called him Papy. I’m the little guy in his arms with the big smile.
August Royer holding baby Fabien Royer, May 1967

My Papy was an amazing role model, and lived a fascinating life; he survived two wars while simultaneously managing to be an electrician, a beekeeper, a hardware store owner, a father of two, a musician, and, for good measure, a camera and rare stamp collector.

Most of my summers growing up were spent at my grandparents’ house in the south of France. Papy would take us for drives around the back country, and on rare occasions, to the ocean. The inside of his car smelled like Provence. His last car was my first.

This photo lets loose memories which, once started, keep coming: fuzzy and crisp alike, vibrant with the voices of conversations recalled. Sometimes, a grainy black-and-white image is all you need to bring someone back to life. I can hear him now.

Nearly fifty years after that baby smiled I remember my Grandfather, and the smile comes back. Along with a heavy heart.

Fabien Royer, Mylio Bug Hunter

Who knew?
1. I make things, usually involving electronics.
2. I created and sold my first video game when I was 14 years old.
3. I have green thumbs and I know how to use them.

I like to shoot: I always carry a camera around, even though I mostly use it to document the projects that I work on. Now and then, I redeem myself by shooting some of our most stunning Northwestern landscapes.

My Mylio setup: 26,000 pictures and hundreds of PDF files across three devices.

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Fabien Royer
Fabien was born and raised in France. He moved to the U.S. 24 years ago and is proud to call Seattle home where he lives with his wife Amy, his son Dylan, and their cat, Vince. Fabien recently joined the Mylio family where he enjoys seeking and destroying bugs [the digital kind].

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  1. Can it edit images effectively like adobe photoshop cc?

    1. Treasure Connors
      Treasure Connors

      Mylio can edit your photos for things like fixing lighting, black and white, etc. However, it was not intended to replace photoshop. If you are looking to do more advanced edits like layers then you will still want to edit with photoshop.

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