How Mylio Helps Keep This Photographer’s Work and Life Balanced

Our Story: My wife Caroline and I run Quiver Tree Photography, based in Washington, North Carolina. We weren’t always in the photography business – we were doing missionary work in Scotland when we got married, then moved back to my native South Africa to start a non-profit. That’s when taking pictures  started being more than just documenting our growing family: when you run a non-profit, you’re the CEO, you’re the Secretary, and unless someone else steps up to do it, you’re the photographer, too. By the time we moved back to North Carolina, we were, to be brutally honest, struggling financially. I needed to make something work to put food on the table for my family. Fortunately, a professional photographer invited me to second shoot a wedding, and on the strength of that experience, my wife and I decided to start Quiver Tree. We jumped in with both feet, opening a gallery, and offering lifestyle sessions — basically chasing two- and three-year-olds around in the humidity, trying to capture something. (Being from South Africa, I’ve had plenty of practice shooting wildlife in the heat. This was a lot like that). Things were tight at first. If you’d asked me then… Continue reading How Mylio Helps Keep This Photographer’s Work and Life Balanced

How Mylio Helps Natural Exposures Manage a Million (!) Images

Our Story: I’m an outdoor photographer who heads up a small business called Natural Exposures. We take small groups of people on photo tours in some of the most spectacular places on earth – from the Arctic to Antarctica, South Africa to South America, Croatia, to Madagascar, to New Zealand. Up to 18 trips per year. As you can see from some of my own pictures, we’re known for bringing our guests up close to amazing landscapes and wildlife; along the way we also help them learn more about conservation, how to take great photographs, and maybe even something about themselves. We promise memories you’ll never forget – and the pictures to prove it. (We must be doing something right – in 2014 the World Travel Awards, an organization that acknowledges excellence in global travel and tourism, named us the World’s Leading Specialist Holiday Company. We were pretty proud). Why Mylio? I use Mylio for finding images quickly via the rocket-fast search tool, and the super simple calendar tool. I recommend it to any small business for three reasons: volume, speed, and support. Volume. Our heavy travel schedule gives us a lot of stamps in our passports — it gives us… Continue reading How Mylio Helps Natural Exposures Manage a Million (!) Images

From Kitchen to California: How Mylio Keeps My Family Connected

My Story: I’m a Microsoft software engineer who uses Mylio to keep my family connected via photo sharing. I’ve been tracking Mylio from the start because a good friend of mine, JP Duplessis, is part of the company. So I’ve been using the product from its first Beta up until today – giving lots of feedback, and loving it all along. At first, it was just me using Mylio on a single PC, mainly because I was tired of the old, boring, feature-limited Windows photo apps. The family connection came because I desperately needed Mylio to solve a problem common among tech-savvy households: syncing information across multiple devices with multiple platforms. My wife uses Apple products, my son is on Android, and I’m on Windows, Android, and Linux. So you can see our challenge. For the longest time, I couldn’t get photos from my wife. Sharing from iCloud was out since she doesn’t believe in using the cloud, and doesn’t use Facebook either. Then, she lost the photos on her MacBook – twice!  — once when her laptop crashed, the second time when it was stolen. That was a wakeup call!  Oh man, I thought, I gotta get our photos… Continue reading From Kitchen to California: How Mylio Keeps My Family Connected

Spanning the Globe (And Saving the Polar Bears) with Mylio

Churchill, Manitoba, population 813, sits hard by the shores of Hudson Bay in Canada’s Great White North. It’s a subarctic zone of permafrost and ice-pruned trees, with the Bay freezing in winter. It’s also polar bear country. The bears spend the winter out on the ice hunting, are forced to shore to live off their fat reserves when the ice breaks up in the summer, then start their migration back out in the fall when the ice forms again. Churchill is the naturally-occurring meetup spot for this migration, making it the undisputed Polar Bear Capital of the World. Our Story: In the early 80s, a group of outdoor photography (and polar bear) enthusiasts started making an annual pilgrimage to Churchill; we called ourselves Polar Bears Alive. Over the years, we started noticing the fall ice freeze-up was coming later, and we were no longer seeing really big bears. We didn’t know it yet, but we were experiencing climate change before it was on anyone’s radar, seeing first-hand how it was effecting the ecosystem. Feeling the bears needed a voice, we transformed into Polar Bears International, a science-based conservation group still active today. Almost half our staff are polar bear scientists. Our mission:… Continue reading Spanning the Globe (And Saving the Polar Bears) with Mylio

Transforming a Passion to a Hobby to a Job with Mylio

My Story: On the face of it, I’m a pretty successful photographer — I have a number of clients here in Switzerland, including professional sports teams. My work is published, I put together custom, one-of-a-kind photo books, and people come to me to buy images for their homes and offices. But the truth is that I have a day job (I’m a Worldwide Channel Manager in the IT Industry), and photography is my hobby. A hobby that keeps me very busy. It started to get serious when I bought myself a really nice camera for my 40th birthday. I was in love with photography as soon as I saw the pictures that Zeiss lens produced, and wanted to learn more about the craft. A year later, a neighbor suggested I enter a photo contest for a local foot race; my photo won first prize for ‘Ambience and Emotion’! That was just the beginning. At one point I’d advanced to taking pictures of the local Junior soccer team, and someone (Scott Kelby, to be exact) suggested I propose shooting for the professional team. I requested a credential for one game, but was refused: the team owners said they’d rather I shoot… Continue reading Transforming a Passion to a Hobby to a Job with Mylio

How I Used Mylio to Help a Photographer Out of the Weeds

Angela B. Pan is a pro photographer who, every weekday, takes stunning landscape photos of the Washington DC Metro area. And I do mean every weekday — she’s posted these fresh photos to her blog for more than six years now! (You do the math). Angela licenses her images for commercial use, but with such a big catalog, she was having a tough time finding specific photos when clients requested them. That’s when she called me; I’m a professional photo organizer, and I knew I could help her save time on the licensing work so that she could better spend it shooting pictures.   When I first met with Angela, I learned she had one tactic for organizing her photos: put them in a single folder dedicated to that year. That’s it. No sub-folders, scant image re-naming, and no keywords or location tagging. Imagine, then, trying to fill a client request for Capitol Building at sunset with a purple sky! Angela told me it was taking her hours to find images, because she was trying to associate them with the dates they were taken. Her workaround: reverse Google image searches of her own blog. If she did it right, Angela could find the date she posted the picture; then she’d have a year, and could backtrack to the folder on her hard drive. The more I… Continue reading How I Used Mylio to Help a Photographer Out of the Weeds

How Widescope Productions Stays One Step Ahead of the Competition with Mylio

Our Story: I’m one of three co-owners of Widescope Productions, a Spanish film and video production services firm with offices in Barcelona and Malaga. We work with foreign clients who want to produce commercials or still shoots in Spain. We’re an end-to-end shop, and can facilitate just about any aspect of the production – budgets, location scouting, equipment, transport, casting, crew, and other production support. We got our start doing music videos, because none of our competition did them. A 21-hour day wasn’t unusual then, followed by an hour’s drive to the next location. Today, what makes us stand out from our competitors is that all three of us partners run the jobs; one of us is always available to turn around budgets, and provide location reference photos within hours. We also enjoy good relationships with Spanish authorities, so we know when something is (or isn’t) possible. We have a great team of 8 full-time staffers, plus an army of subcontractors, who give clients unlimited support – weekends, after midnight, whatever. Why Mylio? One of the other things that differentiates us from the competition is Mylio — it makes us faster and more efficient. To be honest, I’ve kept Mylio… Continue reading How Widescope Productions Stays One Step Ahead of the Competition with Mylio

How The Traveling School Uses Mylio To Tell Its Stories

Our Story: I’m the Development Director for The Traveling School, a small non-profit that challenges and empowers teenage girls academically, physically, and culturally through an experiential high school semester overseas. Twice a year, we send sixteen motivated young women, along with four teachers, to a unique region of the globe for 15 weeks. The teens earn full school credit, immerse themselves in new cultures, develop outdoor skills, and most importantly build confidence and a personal toolkit they’ll use for the rest of their lives. We just kicked off the Fall Semester, which is based in the Southern African nations of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa. Spring Semester students travel to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. We’ve been doing this for 15 years, and have 300 alumnae. And yes! It’s as cool as it sounds. Why Mylio? The photos captured overseas by teachers and students are the best way to tell our story. Prospective students find us online or through word of mouth, so having strong, compelling images for our web site and social media is how we grab attention from teenage girls who want to explore the world. We have a lot of photos — 36,000 of them, with a couple thousand more coming… Continue reading How The Traveling School Uses Mylio To Tell Its Stories

Using Mylio on Multiple Workstations

How can my small business manage a couple hundred thousand images, worked on by over a dozen people? Our Story:  I run, an eighteen-employee business based in Chester, New York. We’re the Web’s most complete poster and print store, offering fine art prints and posters, movie and music posters, mini prints, giclee prints, serigraphs, and related products and services. We offer over 500,000 titles for immediate delivery – more than any other online retailer. We’ve been selling posters and art prints since 2007, licensing images from rights holders and publishers, then printing, selling and shipping directly to consumers. Over the years, the way we do business has been getting more and more digital, so we don’t have to stock as much inventory. We can print and ship on demand. Why Mylio?: We use Mylio to manage and sync workflow for a large inventory of images over multiple work stations. It’s the hub for all our production, and the only tool we use to manage the images. I love the way Mylio backs up images to all our different devices. It makes me feel very secure that our images are backed up in that many locations. Our Mylio Setup: One network-attached storage… Continue reading Using Mylio on Multiple Workstations

Bringing My Son’s Life to Life

How could I sort through thousands of images, scattered across a bunch of different devices, to create something meaningful for my son’s big birthday? What I do: Photography Teacher & Business Consultant My Mylio setup: Mylio Max — ~100,000 images synced across seven devices (Mac Pro, MacBook, iMac, iPhone 6, iPad Pro, 2 USB hard drives, Mylio Cloud) Why Mylio?: I can easily locate photos within a huge collection I have access to all my photos from all my devices I’m confident I have safe backups   My Story I’ve taken pictures since I was a kid, and recently made photography a major focus of my life, teaching at local photo stores, and for private clients. From the beginning, my biggest struggle has been cross-device synchronization — getting my many thousands of photos, which are spread across cameras with SD cards, USB drives, laptop, desktop computer, and mobile devices, to all come together, and be viewable on each of my devices. I mainly use Apple products, so first I tried solving my problem with Apple Photos. But I wasn’t satisfied by the results – particularly the lack of control over what went where, and at what resolution. I also didn’t like Apple’s… Continue reading Bringing My Son’s Life to Life