Travel Mode

Note: This is a premium feature available to paid Mylio subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Mylio account here.

With Mylio, taking a vacation doesn’t mean you need to stress about bringing extra storage for photos and can help ease your mind with the Travel Mode feature built right into the Mylio application.

By turning Travel Mode on, Mylio will utilize all available storage on connected devices to protect originals until they can be offloaded to their normal sync location.

Travel mode can be turned on by…

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select ‘Sync’ to view Mylio’s Sync Settings.
  3. Toggle the Travel Mode switch to the on position to tell Mylio when you’re unable to connect to your primary storage and protection devices.

Now you’re ready to go out there and take photos with the confidence your images are safe with Mylio. When you get back, reconnect to your primary storage devices and Travel Mode will turn off allowing for Mylio to organize and delegate photos to the right locations based on your sync policies.

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