Thumbnails, Previews and Originals

This article will tell you more about Thumbnails, Previews, and Originals and what they mean in Mylio.

Before reading this article, you should feel comfortable with navigating the sync panel. This will help with familiarization of the interface and knowing where to go to toggle sync settings.

You can view the current status of a device and the types of photos loaded onto it by opening the sync panel and viewing the green and orange bars under each device.  This will show you what photo types are on your device – whether it’s Thumbnails, Previews, or Originals.

What’s the difference?

  • Thumbnails – A small version of your photo (20 to 30kb) that is great for referencing your full library. Ideal for mobile devices. Does not allow for editing.
  • Previews – Medium quality (approximately 1mb) that gives an accurate representation of your photos at a fraction of the space. Perfect for laptops or tablets. Fully editable.
  • Originals – Your full quality file (original file size). Great for desktops or high capacity laptops. RAW Compatible. Fully editable.

What do the colors of the lines mean?

  • Green:  The device wants the photos and currently has them
  • Yellow: The device wants the photos and currently does not have them
  • Gray: The device does not want the photos and does not have them
  • Green Squiggly: The device has the photos but does not want them (cached)

How can I change these settings?

There are two ways to change the settings for your photos…

  1. Change the Default Sync Policy for a device to change the quality of all media for a certain device
  2. Set custom folder and file syncing to change the sync policy for a specific folder, photo, or video.