Understanding Syncing with RendezVous

Mylio’s RendezVous feature allows for devices to communicate that are not on the same network by connecting them directly and securely without needing to store photos in the cloud. RendezVous differs from Mylio’s Shuttle option by eliminating the need for photos to be stored temporarily on a server before being downloaded to a different device.

When syncing with RendezVous, Mylio will favor a local connection over a RendezVous connection in order to use the fastest speeds available.

In order for RendezVous to function, it must first be turned on from every device that you would like to be able to sync in this fashion…

  1. Open Mylio and select ‘Settings’ from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select Sync.
  3. Select ‘Customize’.
  4. The option to ‘Sync using RendezVous’ can be toggled here.

Once on, Mylio will search for other devices on your account that have RendezVous turned on as well. The device will show as online and syncing in both the Device Map and the Sync Panel once a connection is established. Note that establishing a connection with a remote device may take up to two minutes.

In some instances, Mylio may not be able to secure a connection between two devices. This is often due to specific router configurations or internet providers that block this type of connection. While Mylio Support may not be able to correct these issues, information about your setup may help us improve RendezVous in future versions.