Prefetching Previews

Prefetching Previews in Mylio allows Mylio to intelligently sync higher quality photos based off of predefined criteria. If a device or folder is set to sync thumbnails only, Mylio will sync previews for photos meeting any of these criteria…

  1. The photo is rated 4 or 5 stars
  2. The photo is in an album
  3. The photo has been edited

If a photo meets any of these criteria then devices that are set to only want a “thumbnail” of that photo will sync a higher resolution “preview” version if space is available.

Prefetching will happen when the device with the thumbnail is meeting sync criteria with a device that has a preview or original.

Prefetching Previews in conjunction with Sync on Demand means that Mylio on your devices may take up more space than expected. Photos that are synced to your device via Prefetching or Sync on Demand are added to your device’s cache. The cache size, as well as clearing the cache, can be done any time by following these instructions. 

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