An Overview of Mylio’s Desktop Interface

Note: Some of the information on this page may be relevant only to paid Mylio subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Mylio account here.


Mylio’s interfaces are designed to be easily navigable and highly functional. Both interfaces (Desktop and Mobile) allow you to access the vast majority of Mylio’s features. Mylio also makes it easy to toggle between the two interfaces if a specific feature is unavailable in the Mobile Interface. Knowing your tools and where to find them is integral to becoming successful in using Mylio. Below is a diagram of Mylio’s basic interfaces, and a short description of each feature.

Mylio’s Desktop Interface

Mylio Premium Desktop View


  • Library Media Count – the number of photos and videos that you had added to Mylio.
  • Your Images – the main view in Mylio. This section is always open and displaying your memories front and center.
  • Image Protection Status – how protected Mylio thinks your photos are. Mylio is designed around having 3 copies of your original photos on different devices with one in an offsite location.
  • Device Map – a list of all devices on your account and their current protection and sync status.
  • Import Button – brings up the import menu and allows you to import from your machine, Facebook, Flickr, cameras, and SD cards.
  • Navigation Panel – Mylio’s Navigation Panel generally houses different Mylio views, your settings, and a help button to contact support.
  • Toggle Navigation Panel – opens and closes to Navigation Panel.
  • Toggle Rating Bar – the Rating Bar allows for you to easily tag photos with star ratings, color labels, and flags.
  • Add New Folder – in folder view, you can use this button to add new folders for your photos. In album view, this adds new albums.
  • Share / Export – Share your selected media to email, Flickr, Facebook, or a printer.
  • Rotate left/right – rotate the currently selected image left or right. These commands will only be present when a photo is selected.
  • Delete – complete delete a photo from Mylio and the file system on all devices.
  • Show Mylio Clipboard – opens Mylio Clipboard, which allows for a temporary storage space while moving photos around in Mylio
  • Actions – shows of series of actions that you can take on your current selection. This includes selecting, moving, deleting, and adding to an album.
  • Toggle Details Panel – opens and closes the Details Panel.
  • Details Panel – Mylio’s Details Panel allow you to view and change details about your selection.
  • Sync – the sync panel is the center of Mylio and allows for full control of moving your photos between all of your devices.
  • Edit – make your best photos look even better by using Mylio’s edit panel to make small or major adjustment to any photo.
  • Places – view location data or assign a new location to a photo or set of photos.
  • People – tag the people in a photo to separate them into automatic folders in “People” view.
  • Info – detailed metadata about your images. Edit keywords, captions, title, and copyright information.
  • View – Alter the view settings for the center panel.
  • Search – Search through your photos and folders to find the perfect memory.

Switching Between Views

Mylio is all about flexibility, so we make it easy to switch between mobile and desktop views on any platform.

  1. Select ‘Settings’ from within the navigation panel.
  2. Select ‘Appearance’.
  3. The top of the Appearance panel allows you to toggle between Desktop and Mobile views.