The Mylio Cloud

Note: This is a premium feature available to paid Mylio subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Mylio account here.


Mylio is designed to be fully useable without reliance on The Cloud. However, Mylio does institute a form of the cloud for easy communication and customization. While Mylio is primarily a peer-to-peer syncing application, the Mylio Cloud can be utilized to ensure your devices are up to date and, under some circumstance, even move your photos.

The Mylio Cloud is a device that each paid Mylio account can utilize. Like other devices, the cloud will be available to manipulate within the sync panel. Using the sync panel, you can adjust the Mylio Clouds sync policies to want thumbnails, previews, or originals. The Mylio Cloud is not designed to hold your entire library, but instead offers storage for your favorite photos or to photos that you would like to transport easily between devices.

For example, some users may have a folder or album called “Best Photos” and choose to protect those original photos in the Mylio Cloud. Others, however, may choose to put all thumbnails on the cloud so that any device (even if not on the same wi-fi network) will have access to those photos. Other still may not be interested in using the cloud at all.

If the Mylio Cloud is turned on but no photos are set to sync, Mylio will still rely on the Mylio Cloud to transfer the Mylio Catalog between devices. This means in some instances you may have a catalog loaded to device and no photos (photos require a peer-to-peer connection, so devices must be connected to the same wi-fi network). If this happens, you will have black squares (ghost images) on your device until you sync your device with another device that has originals, previews, or thumbnails.

If you would like to completely turn off the Mylio Cloud, this can be done as well…

  1. Open Mylio and select ‘Settings’ from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select ‘Sync’ to open Mylio’s Sync Settings
  3. Select ‘Customize’ to change how Mylio syncs with your devices.
  4. Toggle ‘Sync with Mylio Cloud’ off.

With the Mylio Cloud off, all devices will only sync photos and the Mylio Catalog over a peer-to-peer connection.


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