Auto-File Renaming

Note: Some of the features in this article are only available to paid Mylio subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Mylio account here.

Mylio can quickly rename all of your files for your based off of file metadata. This action can not be done from a mobile device.

  1. Open Mylio and select the folder you would like to rename the files in. ‘Rename Files’ can only be run on folders and not on files within those folders.Please note: If you would like to rename all files, select all of the folders at the top level with ‘Select All’ within the actions menu.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Organize’ menu within Mylio’s menu bar.
  3. Select ‘Rename Files…’ to open the rename files options.Mylio Destop Menus Rename Files
  4. Mylio automatically recommends some popular naming schemes. This includes…

    Year-Month-Day-#  example: 2015-12-23-01
    Year-Month-#  example: 2015-12-01
    Camera-#  example: 5D-01
    Custom – set a fully customized naming scheme
  5. This changes will be applied to all photos in the selected folder(s). It will also change the files in the operating system. This action cannot be undone.