Learn the ins and outs of Mylio and rediscover your photos all over again.

Getting Started

Welcome to Mylio! In the Getting Started section of our site, you'll learn all about getting up and running with Mylio. Here you'll find Mylio Quick Start Guides, Tips and Tricks and some hints about transitioning from your current photo management system. Getting to learn the ins and outs of Mylio is just a few clicks away.


If you've mastered the Getting Started portion of Mylio, it is time to import some pictures! In the Importing section of our site you’ll learn how to… well… import! We start off with the basics, like importing from an SD Card or your Mobile Phone. Then, we'll explore some advanced topics, like importing from online services or other photo management applications. You’ll be reliving your memories with Mylio in no time!

Syncing & Protecting

Have you ever wanted to show off that adorable photo of your dog when she was a puppy, but didn’t have it with you? With Mylio, you’ll never have that problem again. In this section, you’ll learn how to sync your photos across all your devices. From your home desktop computer to your tablet and mobile phone, we'll get all of your photos on each of them. Even better: you’ll learn how to keep these priceless memories safe from even the worst disaster.


We all need to do some housekeeping sometimes. In this section, we'll take a look at all of the different ways to organize your photos: Events, Folders, People, and more! With the power of Mylio’s organization tools, your memories will never be easier to find and enjoy.


Even the best photographers need the help of a little editing. With Mylio’s built in editor, you’ll be able to make your photos shine! Easy, beautiful presets? We've got 'em! Powerful color and shading correction? Oh, you know it! And even brushes, for when you're feeling a bit creative. Editing has never been easier.

Lightroom & Other Apps

With so many incredible photo applications, picking one is... well, impossible. That is why we've ensured that Mylio plays well with all of your favorite photo applications! In this section, you’ll learn how you can integrate Mylio with Adobe Lightroom, and how to share and integrate with many other apps and online services.


Are Mom and Dad always asking for pictures of their new Grand-Baby? Maybe you want to share that recent vacation on Facebook. Or maybe you want to create a beautiful slideshow to show your friends. Well, Mylio is here to help! In this section, you’ll learn how you can easily share your photos with the world using Mylio.


You've mastered the basics. Imported all of your photos. Organized. Edited. Shared. What else is there to do? Well, this section will tell you about some Mylio information that doesn't really fit in those other categories. You can find things like Mylio’s newest release notes, or a keyboard shortcut list! If it doesn't fit anywhere else, you'll find it here!

Meet our Support Team

Hello! Got questions, want to learn more about Mylio? We can help you along the way.

Matt Vollet

Matt Vollet

Matt joined Mylio in the fall of 2014, soon after moving to the Seattle area. Matt's originally from Cincinnati, and moved here with his wife and cat to be near the things that all Seattleites love: nature, coffee, and technology. Matt's background in technical support, along with his life-long love for technology, photography, and teaching others, made Mylio the perfect place to settle in and help people rediscover what they loved about taking pictures in the first place. When not working, Matt spends time with his cat, exploring the city, going to concerts, and keeping up with the newest video games and technology.

Matthew Bonhage

Matthew Bonhage

Matthew transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in the Fall of 2013 from Philadelphia, where he was born and raised. He spent most of his time on the playground, but one day a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in the neighborhood. Matthew decided he needed to venture elsewhere and learned about the 7 Wonders of the Digital World, where his journey took him to see sages and monks that imbued upon him technical knowledge and customer service. While not saving the world from the terrors of Stuff Not Working, Matthew spends his time hiking, camping, biking and acting like a tourist in his own city. He also specializes in Cast Iron cooking.

Mackenzie Collins

Mackenzie Collins

Mackenzie emerged from the Temple of Time, Master Sword in hand. Played a song on his Ocarina and was transported to the Pacific Northwest, where he joined Mylio in the fall of 2015. Mackenzie is an avid Seattle sports fan, following the Seahawks obsessively, and never misses a Sounders FC game. Mack can often be found golfing all around the Puget Sound, trying out a new Northwest microbrew, crooning in a dim karaoke bar, relaxing at home playing some video games, or exploring the infinite abyss.